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Guest mariacne

I give up, this is just too difficult

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Guest mariacne


I'm feeling so down

I'm currently trying bicarbonate of soda for my acne, and it's actually really helping

Maybe that's why Im feeling down, I normally spend my days nursing my skin

But I actually have some free time now, it's giving me time to reflect on this disease

Of course, my skin is still bad, just not so bad it's taking up my whole life

I'm sure it will wear off soon and I'll be back to disinfecting, blood blotting etc

I'm just so unhappy because I've had this ten years, I've done my time - can it just go now?

And even if it does, will I ever get over the ten years that I've lost? All my teen years, my early twenties...

I really hate this disease because it's so serious and people don't understand

They treat you like you're disgusting whilst at the same time making out you're upset over nothing

They say that acne isn't hindering, you're not tied to a machine, maybe not - but my skin needs round the clock care, it's so sore, it's needs careful looking after.

They say it isn't life threatening - well when I see my acne, when I feel it - it sends overwhelming grief to my brain and in that moment I want to die and for years the thought of dying has been my only relief.

I hope what I'm currently trying does cure me because I need time off, time to grieve.

That's the thing with acne, it never rests, it's like I've been in hell for ten years without a vacation, without so much as a tea break.

This is too difficult, it's too difficult.

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hey i knw how u feel....trust me ive been through that, i remember when i was in high school my acne was so bad i was embarassed to go to skool and almost failed because of it, my parents would say oh its just acne its no big deal psshhhhhhhhh easy for them to say they dont have it!!! they just dont know how it destroys a person mentally. But yeah ive had it under control now though it took years of trial and error. I have really oily skin so i thought washing my face with acne treatments and strong soaps and astringents were the way to go big mistake it made things worse. but let me tell you limiting my intake of sugar and not drinking milk helped tremendously and drink lemon water every night and use a retinol product before bed. This is what helped me clear myself of acne well this just what worked for me everyone is different, and if i can help at least one person itd be great. Even though i found out how to manage my acne i still come back to this site to try to help others because i truely do know how it felt back then.....

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I kinda read some of your posts in other forums. Its seems you already have your mind made up using the holistic approach to deal with your acne. I don't know your history and experiences with medicine or holistic methods, but maybe all you need is time, patience and faith. I know a lot of us, including myself, I don't stay long enough on one thing, before I move on to the next thing.

I know this acne thing is unbearable at times, but you have to stay positive. Our mood affects our body. Yes I know, acne affects our mood, but this is where we have to be disciplined in our way of thinking. This is where most of us fail. We let our acne and negative thoughts dictate how we should live our life. Our personality as well can be either attractive or unattractive. Our inner beauty is what really counts. Those who firmly believe this are those who live happy lives. Our situation could be worse. I appreciate the fact that I can see, smell, walk, have my hands. There are people who lose their limbs, and thier outlook in life is positive. They are greatful for what they do have...perfect or imperfect. We should be greatful. OUr physical appearances should not be the most important thing in our lives. So who cares what other people think about our acne. You are unique because you are you. Learn to love yourself the way you are with our without acne.

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Guest mariacne

Thanks for your reply, I know what you mean, I left Uni with a really average degree because my acne ruined my time at Uni so much. I've tried cutting out dairy and sugar etc - didn't work for me at all, yes the lemon is like what Im trying at the moment with the bicarbonate of soda -it alkalizes the body, I feel much much better today... so fingers crossed. Glad you've got yours under control now.

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh

mariacne sry, i know how u feel :< but maybe try to avoid dairy & sugar further as well tho & gluten too. sugar, at least limit it if its like superhard. acne is hell & persistent like bitch, giving no breather, thats y try maybe keep what ur doing already & add some new stuff as u go. i know its all annoying to death etc but theres no other way atm. like have u tried supplements too, like fe on vit d3? vit a? zinc etc? :/

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Sucks man. I know how you feel. I know it's stole a couple of years of my life, and still keeps taking, but I try to battle it and not let it control my life completely. Even though in some aspects in certaintly does, but I don't let it influence my behaviors, there's really not much I could do with the way I feel about it. I try to look at it from different angles and perspectives and accept things. I know things can get better, or get worse, optimistically I always like saying better.. the only thing I can do is invest x amount of time in thinking about this, and continue to move forward carrying the monkey. Even though the monkey is so g*d damn fat and I wish he would stop eating.

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