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I just bought it since noone else in this thread could suggest me a Glycolic Acid cleanser,


It has Glycolic Acid and 10% Benzoyl Peroxide in it, supposedly your zits will be gone in three days if you apply this three times a day. Wouldn't it be the same with Dan's 2.5% bp gel? He claims its just as effective, this will be the test for me. I spent $8 just for 1 OZ of Glycolic Acid, but it seems this fair amount will last me a while. I only put out about less than a dime in diamater and its enough to cover some of my biggest zits.

Well I'll create a log and let you guys know how it works just incase anyone is wondering if its worth spending the money.

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You asked for a cleanser. Clearasil Ultra is not a cleanser, it is a cream meant to be left on your skin.

I recall reading some other reports on here of clearasil ultra being harsh, so start off with small quantities of it.

If you wanted a glycolic acid cream, Neutrogena Face lotion contains 4% (sensitive skin) and 8% (regular) glycolic acid. I got some at target for $11.50 for 2.5oz.

And it doesn't say your zits will be gone in 3 days, it says clearer skin in 3 days.

Also, www.makeupalley.com has a pretty big review section so if you want other peoples opinions on a product that would be a good place to look as well as asking here.

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Thats the one I use. I tried it on my nose to see if it would help my blackheads but I started noticing some whiteheads sprouting so I don't use it on my nose any more. The C&C Advantage 2% wash is doing a somewhat decent job at controlling the blackheads on my nose.

After the first few applicaitons, I can use this lotion twice a day without much irritation. Well, it stings a bit for the first few minutes after applicaiton but totally bearable.

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I get cysts. Clearasil Ultra for me has been better than all but the Isolaz laser for acne. I have a few bumps that insurance will not pay for removal off, the retin-a won't dent them and the ultra does. it may suit some skin types better.

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