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Accutane availability in UK for U.S. students

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Hello all!

I've finally decided to take the plunge and ask about Accutane to my dermatologist who agreed it would work. But alas, I spoke to soon and told her I was going to study in the UK at the end of September so she wouldn't let me go forward with it because I wouldn't finish my course in time.

I know that the National Health Service (NHS) is available to all international students studying in the UK. But, I've heard of the horrendous wait list to see a General Physician who will have to recommend you to a dermatologist. Since the GP will not know my acne history--although I plan to bring paperwork from the U.S.--I am afraid #1) It will take forever to be seen and #2) I will not be recommended to a dermatologist.

My dermatologist recommended trying to see how to get onto the NHS sooner. But I don't think I can get on it much sooner than my arrival in September since I would have to get my student visa approved and whatnot still.

MY QUESTION:Does anyone know how hard it would be for an American student studying on the Student Visa in the UK to get access to a private dermatologist. I heard this route is much faster from locals, but I have no idea if this would even be available to me!

Also any ideas of costs would be appreciated as well. I've researched and researched on this, but I haven't quite found anything useful. All helpful input is welcome!! :)

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As far as I'm aware private is quick but expensive whilst the NHS is free but with the disadvantage of waiting times.

Getting to see a gp should be no problem but the wait to see a specialist derm could be months, and then they might just give u antibiotics if they're not satisfied with your Docs assessment. The prescriptions for accutane are far cheaper than what u would get in America but I got mine for free as I'm also a diabetic :)

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I think the 'horrendous' waiting list would depend on what part of the country you are studying in, assuming its a big city then the waiting list is likely to be a few months.

I think you would be able to go private easily, I cant think of any reason why not, after all you are paying for it.

Dont know about cost coz I got mine through the NHS, probably about £500 maybe, not sure

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