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i cant really be botherd to type a big post, but lately my acne (past 2 months) has got so much worse, i dont no how i am even putting my shoes on in the morning and going to work, and in these past 2 months i have felt much more socialy unable to connect with people, people i know or just total strangers who ask me a question, i think maby because i dont approve of the way i look in the mirror, i cant understand how others could approve of the way i look, and tbh, i never ever seek anyones approval, so how can i get my confidence back even tho my skin is at its worst ?

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Personally, I associate confidence with my skin. Not that I have loads of confidence if my skin's looking good, but I can chat to people and be friendly, etc. When it's looking bad, usually down to me picking it to death, as is the case at the moment, I pretty much suffer through the day. Just about make it to work, sit at my desk hoping nobody will come and talk to me, leave at the end of the day without having said anything to anyone, go home and spend the evening in my room. Recently, this seems to be happening each day of the working week. I would suggest that I've wasted pretty much every week so far this year. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

I know I need to do something about this but I haven't got a clue where to start.

I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to take sick leave at work actually, maybe just for a couple of weeks. I seem to be stressing about going to work all the time and I did used to feel like I could battle through it. These days it just makes me anxious and I can't concentrate. Was thinking that if I took time out, that pressure would be off and I could take a bit of time to get my head around the other stuff. Never thought I'd find myself considering that. I don't know...

As far as the social side of things is concerned, even if my skin is looking alright, that brings up other issues: At that point in time when I look in the mirror and I think, 'Hey, this looks alright., I'm happy with this and I could go out now and socialise', I don't really have anyone to socialise with! The friends I had got fed up of me bailing on them god knows how many times during the twelve years I've had acne, to the point that they just stopped inviting me. Any friends I had are now acquaintances, due to the little time I spend with them and the poor connections we now have as a result. I bailed on a social event last night because I've made such a mess of my face over the weekend, and nobody has actually contacted me since to see if I'm alright or ask why I wasn't there. I guess it's my own doing, but it feels horrible.

My social skills are rubbish to be honest. I would guess that people ten years younger than me have had more social experiences than I have. But, if I can try and work out how the hell I'm supposed to fix this and where I'm supposed to start, I'll have a good go at getting over it. Personally, I feel like I need to have clear skin. Unless anyone can manage to convince me otherwise, I feel as though I won't have a social life and I can't be part of a social circle looking the way I do. If my skin never clears, I'll always be as socially inept as I am right now. It's not just the skin specifically, but the lack of confidence and self-esteem that goes with it. My sense of self worth is just totally shot to pieces. Thought I might have been starting to get to grips with this but it's really got the better of me this last week and it's so depressing. :cry:

Like Michaelodeon, I wish I could offer some advice, but I'm in the same position I guess. So yeah, just wanted to say that I can relate and that you're not on your own. But I doubt it will be long before other people see this topic and share their experiences with you of how they've faced this sort of thing and managed to tackle it.


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Answer. I used to do the same as you, asking myself how to get back to what once was. Instead I ask, what is. It's hard for even me sometimes, but you got to man up, and accept it. But at the same time, not be so hard on yourself, since it's not your fault. I like plenty of people with acne, honestly, what's the worst that can happen from you opening up a little more? The only thing I noticed for myself was fear of rejection. If someone acts negatively towards you, and you think it's because of your acne, so be it. Let it be what it is. And just be.

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;) There was once a part in my life where I felt exactly like you. I hated EVERY seconds of every day when I was with other people (I was trying to hide my face, not look at other people, etc.).

I know that it's hard to be sociable when you really don't like your acne. Unforunately, I know how it feels.

The best advice I can give you (even if the advice I'm about to give you was impossible to follow for me): Try to not care about your acne and try to REALLY be yourself (your TRUE yourself, the one that is hiding behind your acne!). I know that it's easy to say, but hard to do... but I truly wish you the best for you Mrleee.

I'm with you Mrleee!

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connecting ur confidence directly to your appearance is one of the easiest things in the world, my suggestion is a full focus hobby, i took piano and on days when i feel really low, i play for a long time till i forget who i am completely, and i feel recharged and i think even my skin looks better!

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It's normal to be socially anxious when you got bad acne, get ro-accutane if you can, ittl get rid of your acne. Best thing you can do when you got bad acne is just keep your head down, keep out of uncomfy situations, and stick with a close friend who you know doesn't care about you having acne

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