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14 and possibly going on accutane?

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So here's the thing, like everybody else on this site, i've tried billions of products and home remedies to try and clear up my acne, but obviously that has not worked. I've had acne for 3 years now, since i turned 11, and it's really really stressing me out.

I live in Hong Kong, and the weather here is horrid. It's humid and sticky and the pollution level is high. I've found that air does affect skin conditions. When im abroad, my skin clears up really well.

HOWEVER, i cannot leave Hong Kong as i am still a kid..

But anyway, i've been to the dermatologist before, and he recommended some really expensive products. I used them for about 6 monthes, but no good.. So i went back to drugstore products.

Finally, a couple days ago, i broke down into tears for the hundredth time, so my parents brought me back to the derm. to find out about accutane.

I've done my research on accutane, and i know about the side effects. I'm prepared for that.

But my parents are not very keen on my going on it. I obviously would love to, because i would do anything for my skin.

I can decide whether to keep fighting and spending a lot of money on products that might not even work, or go extreme and take accutane.

I know i'm a kid but no lie there are about 3 people in my grade of 200+ that have acne and that's it. I feel disgusting. And my acne is red and lumpy and oozy. It's gross.

Please, if anyone has any suggestions on what i should do, and if i should take it..please let me know.

Oh and don't be critical, I'm here for your opinions but not criticism.

Thank you so much to whoever replies <3 <3


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