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Do you feel hot and sweat easily?

Are you often thirsty even though you seem to be drinking enough water?

Do you have problems with heartburn or acidity?

Do your eyes get easily red and/or irritated?

Is your skin inflamed, sensitive, or red?

Are you critical (towards others and/or self), impatient, irritable?

When you work on a project, is it hard for you to stop?

Do you often feel frustrated?

Do you get yourself into arguments easily?

Answering yes to many of these questions means that your Pitta is high...(but even if you answered yes to only one of them...NUMBER FIVE :)...keep reading!)

Acne is related to Pitta, one of the types of Dosha. If unblanaced, Pitta (dealing with the fire and water elements) can lead to irritability, aggravation, and inflammation. Pitta digests everything we take in and our bodies try to push out anything bad that our bodies have so this may be a reason why we have acne. For me, all this information that I found seemed to validate that some foods and stress cause acne. It makes me want to start eating healthier too!




Everyone likes quizzes, so take them and share your results :)

I'm really curious to see how accurate this test is for the acne part of it. My result was Pitta-Vata (mostly dominate in Pitta, and I have moderate acne...I think haha).

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I have this Dosha :(

Dominate in Kappa-Pitta.. I have moderate-to severe acne

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Comon do you really believe this stuff? This clearly is alternative medicine noncence with no scientific basis whatsoever. Your list has some unrelated very common things. And then only one of them makes you have this thing. EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET HAS ONLY ONE OF THOSE THINGS!

And the quiz gives you 3 awnsers while there are like 20possibilities. I looked at it and couldnt fill in a single awnser because all of them were wrong. For example weight: Someone who is moderate weight also can have a hard time dealing with it... Someone can have a thick dry non smooth. Not only thick and smooth. Or dry and red. Etc...

From google:

"Pitta is made up of the two elements fire and water." wut? How can this even....

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