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i just went out and got everfresh liquid foundation + the powder..and wen i put it on it made my face look like a ghost!! i took a picure and my face looked sooo white its not even funny..the color i used was called natural beige and the color looks pretty dark in the tube but not on my face!! what shud i do????!?!?

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return it or exchange it. Next time please try foundation on before you purchase. Just try on your jawline.

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Is the color atleast CLOSE to your natural skin tone? I think you might have put the product all over your face, which is not how it is used. You should put foundation, ONLY WHERE YOU NEED IT. I used maybelline ever fresh for a year, it didnt break me out for the first 6 months, then my skin went crazy after that. I didnt really like it overall. Doesnt cover too much up anyway. Here are some products I've tried that I think is ok for acne prone: (ive stopped using foundation, i think you should let your skin breathe, and i like to try to feel natural and not having a mask over my face)

1. Origins all or nothing powder-really really sheer, not good for oily skin or cover up and preety expensive but it i guarantee (from research and personal experience) that it wont break you out.

2. origins silk screen powder-wont break you out, doesnt control oil tho. preety good coverage, expensive.

3. L'oreal airwear (using this right now)-i love this product so far, have only been using this for a while. preety good coverage, not too expensive, convenient when you run out (just go to drugstore). Its a powder and foundation in one, so you dont have to put so much on your face.

When buying make up, you should look at the ingredients and if its labeled "non-acnegenic" or "non-comedogenic". I broke out really really bad early this year for about 6 months (maybe due to weather, winter is really bad for me) and since its summer, ive cleared up so much. My esthetician said it may have been due to the makeup ive been caking on. I think shes right. Products that i think could cause you to break out (the way it has made me break out like hell)

1. MAC Studio Fix (after a while, it made me break out so bad)

2. MAC Select SPF 15

3. MAC concealer

4. Neutrogena skin clearing.

5. CLinique Stay stuned.

--provides good coverage...but thats the poing...COVERage...needs something to COVER.

Just bec its expensive doesnt mean its good for you.

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thankz a lot..i thought it was close to my skin tone but i think your right i put on too much..but i did find the everfresh relle hard to get off my face it irritated it a little bit..i think im going to take your advice and try out the L'oreal airwear..THANKZ smile.gif and this time try it on first..yaa that shud work

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