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Customs charge for only one item!

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i've bought the 8oz bp from this website before, and it was fine. i've read somewhere that as long as the total value is under £18 there would be no customs charge. well a week ago i placed an order for the bp again, which came to under £18. and guess what.. i got a letter today telling me i had to pay £12 extra before they released the item!!! so angry!

As you say, if your order is under £18 (approx $29), then you shouldn't have to pay import VAT. You will probably find that £8 of that charge is Royal Mail's international handling fee, leaving £4 VAT. You should only pay that amount of VAT if your order came to $32.

You didn't order 2 of them did you?

There will be a phone number to ring on the charge label if you want to querie the charge.

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no there was definitely only one tube in the box! well i paid it and got my item. i was thinking about querying it but i didn't see any point. do you think they've made a mistake?

i need to restock my AHA as well but now i'm going have to think twice about buying from here

The label on my package was a combined address label & customs label, which clearly showed the cost of the items (although in quite small type). Also the label attached by Royal Mail confirmed that VAT would only be payable on items with a value over £18.

Was the correct value shown on the label ($16.52)?

How was the charge broken down? Was it £4 VAT & £8 handling fee?

It does look like a mistake. I would definately query it, if only to clarify any future orders you might make.

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Definitely follow it up and refuse to pay!

It is possible that Acne.org made the mistake by putting the wrong value on the customs slip. Take your receipt with you.

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