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2 year old Sebaceous Cyst(?) on chest and useless doctors ..

So I've had this cyst on my chest for 2 years now. I'm recently getting a new one appear next to it D:

My docots are being completely useless, apparently I have to get refered for them to remove it and I've been waiting a year! and I go back every few months or so and they just send me away and tell me it'll be soon.

I'm going to Greece soon and I want to wear a swimming costume without hiding my chest, have you guys come across any home remedies / methods?

my chest: http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x355/f...pg?t=1299976848

Thank you!

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Hey wishfullthinkerr,

Wow, your doctor is an a-hole! You should totally be eligible for cyst removal. Have you seen a dermatologist about this issue, or just your doctor? I've had two sebaceous cysts removed from my face over the past few years, and my dermatologist did both procedures. Personally, I wouldn't trust anyone but a dermatologist or plastic surgeon when removing a cyst (however, mine were on my face). I still can't believe that your doctors haven't removed it yet, or referred you to someone else who can help.

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Unless I'm mistaken, that to me looks like a hypertrophic/keloid scar.

I'd know, I have like 20 on my sternum.

Unfortunately keloids are the hardest scars to treat. They don't respond well to treatment and there's a chance they can re-raise when the treatment stops.

My scars are about 5 years old... I started last year with 7ish treatments of steroid injections... that didn't really do jack shit. Then I've done 5ish treatments with a v-beam pulsed dye laser... so far that hasn't really done jack shit.

Another possible treatment is silicon sheets. It's basically a sheet of silicon that adheres to your skin and supposedly after months of treatment will shrink the scar.

My recommendation: See a dermatologist immediately. They will want to start steroid injections.

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I'd say that it looks like a keloid as well. I also have a keloid scar on my chest (thanks to mah kitteh), and it has gone down over time, about 2-3 years having it, but getting some kind of treatment would be best. Definitely be aggressive with your doctor, telling them that it affects your quality of life and stresses you out should make them more inclined to start treatment. I hope your doctor listens to you! I need to visit my doctor to get it removed, I did eventually get used to it, but now I'd like to just be done with it. Fortunately for both of us it's on our chests and hideable in the meanwhile!

Edit: Funny, for a long time I never talked with anyone else who had keloid scars that wasn't darker skinned, I'm half Filipino so I probably got the keloid prone genes from my mom, but I'm pretty pale thanks to my Irish/Italian dad :lol:

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If you have trouble getting an appointement to a dermatologist, go to a cosmetic surgeon. You will have to pay but you won't wait.

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