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accutane: using no cleanser in the shower !? success..

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So i have been using no shower cleanser for 2 months now... I only use warm water to wash my fash... I dont use purpose cleanser anymore. I stopped because i felt the purpose cleanser was drying me out and may be making my face more red. Once i stopped i didnt notice much of a difference with the dryness and redness. And i have stopped for about 2 months now. I had a random breakout this month and i figured maybe i should start using the cleanser again. Once i started to use it for a couple days i just broke out more. So i figure i should stick to my what my skin has been use to.... just warm water? And it eventually got better. Its good now.

Does anyone else do this... not use a cleanser only let water run down your face? Is this okay... It seems kind of odd not cleaning my face, but im not breaking out?

(I may start working out soon when im comfortable with how my skin is... i wonder if i should start cleaning it again then or if i should just continue my routine of only using water)

I dont want to read responses telling me about other cleansers... i'm not interested.


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Yeah, I've started to only wash my face at night (I just rinse it with water in the shower in the morning). My face gets too dry if I wash more than once a day with a cleanser, even if it's a gentle one like Cetaphil

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I stopped using cleansers a long time ago. Personally, my skin was just really sensitive and dry. I found just slashing my face with water (to remove the shampoo) was enough. I simply focused on my diet and was able to get rid of nearly all my acne.

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