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This really annoys me with my acne!!

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It seems as if my acne knows when I'm clearing up. It seems like everytime that the acne stops... blemishes heal... My skin looks like it's about to recover.I break out in bumps again... to make it worse... it leaves fresh brand new scars to wait another 8 to 12 months to heal again. I feel like getting on a rollar coaster... I get somewhere & then it messes up & I have to start all over again. All summer long... I didn't break out & my scars were healing... Now when school starts... I break out & now I have fresh new scars... I'm just so angry right now!! dry.gif. To make it worse... I took senior pictures last week for High School... I got my results back Friday... They were so depressing. You can just see how bad my skin looked. It was bad enough most of my pictures looked goofy. Well hopefully... when college starts next year... I'll be clear!

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I know exactly what you mean. At this point am also so f*cking angry. All year I've been working on to get my face clear for this week, cuz my new school starts this week and I gotta go on a camp. And of course Just right now I'm breaking out as hell. I was pretty close to clear and now am back again at stage 1. Man f*ck this disease. WHY ME? mad.gif

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I'm trying not to let it get to me & you shouldn't either. I guess if I can't have a good face... I can have a good body so I'm starting to work out more... Who knows... maybe it'll help the skin too! Good Luck!

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Yeah I know how you feel. The same happens to me.

Whenever my face starts to look clearer and I'm thinking in the back of my mind, 'its started to calm down'. Next morning, new spots all over the face.

Its fuckin annoying!

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