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Strange Breakout

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I had a strange breakout, on my cheeks and nose. about 100 tiny pore size bumps all over both cheecks and nose. they are not red, just tiny little bumps in almost every pore!! it almost feels like dry skin. but from about 1 foot away I can see there little tiny white heads......

Two things I did that could have been the cause

1. Started using "Vasiline lotion (healthy skin).....nighttime

and "Vasiline spf 15.......daytime

"Not the Jelly stuff, its just like a regular mostuizing lotion"

they don't have oil but strang ingredients, and this was about 3 days after.I started using them....

2. The second cause might have been the sun. I went out into the sun about 10 mins after applying the vasiline spf 15....The sun is extremly hot in thailand and only takes about 10 mins to get fried.

so what do u guys think could have caused it, the sun or vaseline??

I like my vaseline moisurizer, anyone else use it?


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It's number one for sure. Vasiline lotion is mead for your body, not your face. Unless they just came out with some for your face.

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yeah, the Vaselines didn't have any oil but strang ingredients that didn't sound right.

Im back on my old moistuizer, "Nivea, Baby soft, with pro vitimin b5" and already clear again!



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almost the same situation as what i had before. i do not want to scare you but you may have to be prepared for a big breakout, so taking some early precautions is indeed necessary for ya now.

I used to use Avene instant soothing hydration masque every night before bed for 7 days continuously, and i had almost the same situation as you dude. little red dots everywhere, and none is big.

vaseline is actually derived from petroleum, and it's a kind of mineral oil.

Though mineral oil is deemed as non-comedogenic, i still kind of like to avoid that stuff because i suspect that it was the mineral oil in the avene masque that gave me big trouble.

Strangely enough, many products claim to be oil-free, but if you look into the ingredient list, you will always find some oil there. As i know, cleanser needs oil to do the job cuz most of the dirts can only be dissolved in oil.

Glycerin is definitely more situable for young skin than vaseline; unless your skin is kind of extremely dry and chapped, otherwise vaseline always has nowhere in your daily skincare regime.

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thanx, ya I had some breakouts around the outer cheeks and lips.

Back into the sun I went for an hour and the small dots on my cheeks/nose went away.

What do you guys do when u get a new pimple???

1. do you immeditly put BP on it

2. Put some kind of alchol/acid on it, ( tea tree oil..eucaliptyse oil...salyicic acid..)

3. or do you ignore it and wait it out with regular BP apply??

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