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Needak Rebounder

Hey everyone, I have seen so many people talking about rebounders lately and how amazing they are. I did some searching online and found out that they are one of the best things to exercise on. It is a mini trampoline in way. Here is some info I found:

G-force--Gravitational Force:

Gravitational force is key to understanding resistive rebounding's health benefits. By combining the forces of acceleration and deceleration, body cells are tricked into believing they are being subjected to increased gravity.3 NASA clearly demonstrated the virtues of rebounding when they designed an exercise protocol in the zero gravity of space. Loss of bone density and muscle mass are the negative results incurred to astronauts soaring through the cosmos at zero gravity. Scientific blood analysis that included subjecting weakened blood cells (of returning astronauts) to increased G-force evidenced an increase in cellular strength. It is this increase in G-force during rebounding (specifically during deceleration) that challenges body cells to strengthen.4

Virtues of Rebounding:

"Rebounding," or jumping on a mini trampoline has universal exercise appeal and a plethora of health benefits. The repetitive rhythmic motion of bouncing on a mini trampoline provides a zero impact simple exercise method with high impact long term (mental and physical) health benefits that extend from youth to old age:

1. Rebounding is 68% more efficient than jogging (as noted by NASA in a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology)!5

2. Improves digestion and elimination of cellular waste.

3. Accelerates metabolism to burn calories for weight control.6

4. Increases oxygen uptake and promotes detoxification via the lungs, skin, and lymph.

5. Has a natural analgesic effect on the body, relieving pain in the neck, back, and head by increasing circulation and oxygen flow.7

6. Lowers blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol naturally by increasing oxygenation and dilating the blood vessels for smoother and easier blood flow.8

7. Improves circulatory disorders by increasing cellular respiration.

8. Promotes regular elimination. Exercise is known to increase metabolism and relieve constipation.

9. Has a stabilizing effect on the nervous system thereby reducing stress. Rebound exercising increases endorphin output, thereby promoting the relaxation response. Increased oxygen flow increases our sense of well being without the toxic side effects of narcotics or anti-depressants.

10. An excellent precursor to sports training, including golf, tennis, skiing, skating, mountain climbing, and kick boxing, "without" incurring joint trauma.

11. Promotes physical and mental efficiency (and stability) by increasing oxygen levels and decreasing toxicity (heavy metals and cellular waste).

12. Provides "no impact" aerobics, especially helpful for those that are handicapped, arthritic, elderly, or immune compromised with limited mobility.

13. An optimal exercise method for pregnant women to stay in shape without incurring musculoskeletal trauma.

14. Provides aerobic exercise without incurring stress to the joints.

15. An ideal method for teaching youngsters coordination and balance while encouraging physical fitness.

16. A superior exercise for those that are immune compromised including cancer and MS. Rebounding stimulates healing and cleansing. Rebound author and lecturer Linda Brooks notes rebounding 2 minutes every hour "is the ideal protocol for defense against cancer. In just two minutes the entire lymphatic system is flushed," and and white blood cell count nearly triples, providing a greater defense system to destroy cancer cells.9

17. A year round exercise that can be performed indoors or outdoors and is easily portable to provide exercise on the go for those that travel. Great for stay at home moms, home business owners, or office executives who can all easily store a fold up rebounder in a nearby room for easy access and convenience.

18. Has a "triple E" rating--economical, efficient, and effective. A single rebounder can provide years of daily exercise. It is convenient for those that are homebound, unable to jog or access a gym. It is readily portable (folds and fits into its own travel case) and stores neatly out of the way. Great for apartment, home, trailer dwellers or travelers. One can rebound year round -- indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. Six minutes of rebounding equals one mile of jogging. One can run several miles in place while rehearsing a speech, singing, talking on the phone, watching T.V., listening to music, or while jumping outdoors enjoying "helio" or sun therapy.

19. Will not incur repetitive motion injuries.

20. An optional stabilizing bar makes this rebounder even more secure for those unsteady on their feet or having disabilities requiring a bar to hold onto while bouncing.10

22. Excellent for toddlers. Movement affects balance. Rebounding has a positive affect on stabilizing right and left hemispheric brain balance.

23. Has positive implications for improving the mind/body connection, especially for Learning Disabled Children exhibiting a poor sense of rhythm, coordination, and balance. Medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker notes, when you move and exercise, you engage every brain and body cell. This has a profound and positive impact on stimulating neural activity.11

24. The father of modern aerobics exercise, Dr. Kenneth Cooper, discovered that alternating aerobic exercise with weight training actually increased strength. His Institute of Aerobic Research documented the strength gains from resistive rebounding in 1981.

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