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Would my red marks be classified as mild, moderate, or severe? (and other stuff, too...)

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So here's the story: I'm a 19 y/o sophomore in college. All through high school I had flawless skin, until I moved away my freshman year. I started breaking out horribly (not too many cysts, just HIGHLY inflamed pimples) and over the past year and a half, I've worked to where the acne is now pretty much finished. However, those adorable little hell marks all over my face and neck leave much to be desired. I feel like the main cause for my sudden outbreak may have simply been stress, i.e. the stress of a new school in a new state with new people and a new job. Plus being a photography major doesn't help much (academically it's a breeze, physically and mentally, it takes quite a toll) what with spending 75% of my time in a cramped dark room full of overly competitive hipsters. I've lightened my schedule, made new friends, adjusted to the city, and in doing so my acne started clearing. All the products I *was* using are as follows:

1. Skin Laboratories Salicylic Acid 20% (wonderful!)

2. Skin Laboratories HQ+ Peel, 15% SA, 15% Lactic Acid, and Hydroquinone (overpriced and overrated, SA 20% was far better with both pimples AND red marks)

3. Neutrogena Redness Reducing Facial Scrub (pretty good but not great!)

All the products I'm *currently* using include:

1. Acnevir Gel (it's an OTC treatment for adult acne specifically and works wonders!)

2. Alpha Hydrox Spot Light (2% Hydroquinone/10% Glycolic Acid, works perfectly on old marks, kinda iffy on newer/larger marks)

3. Panoxyl 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Wash (started this the same time as Acnevir so I assume it's working, though I feel like Acnevir's really the one doing the most good)

4. CVS Aveeno Knockoff Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 15 (use only on days when i'm outside for an extended period or my skin starts peeling)

I've attached pics of myself from both sides (I hope you find the mysterious black photoshop paint blob over my eyes as irresistibly sexy as I do) so you can see the pretty obvious difference between my right side and left. Why exactly my right cheek cleared up almost entirely, while the marks on my left side are just sitting there chillin' likes it's just whatever (particularly in my neck area, as it also does on the right, the ONLY areas I got cystic pimples) is kinda baffling. But I'm curious, as I haven't seen a dermatologist yet, though I'm pondering something like laser therapy or microdermabrasion for my neck, would my red marks be considered mild, moderate, or severe? I know there's people out there worse than myself, but the university I go to is known nationally for having one of the most attractive student bodies, guys and girls both. I'm not a particularly unattractive guy, though I look it in the pics, but it was like 4 AM when I took them, so my hair was unkempt and I was in my pajammys (don't judge me) but overall I'm not an uber-sexy hunk, I'm just pretty average/subpar, which I'm comfy with. However, these marks have just ruined my self esteem. It's a little intimidating at my school because here, beautiful is just pretty, pretty is just cute, cute is just ugly, and ugly people just don't exist. In high school I dated all the time, went to parties, etc. but now all I really do is either stay in my apartment or in the photo studio, like some weird little phantom of the darkroom.

But to sum this up, my main two questions are:

1. In regards to my red marks, would you say they're mild, moderate, or severe? Are they bad enough that you think I should get something done (microderm, lasers, etc.) or should I save the money and just wait for them to fade away working with what I already have?

2. If you think some sort of procedure would be worth it, which do you personally recommend? (preferably something relatively affordable, as in not thousands of dollars)

Thanks to whoever may or may not answer!

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