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College has ruined my skin

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So all last summer my skin was basically flawless with the occassional pimple. Last fall was the beginning of my first year of college and ever since my skin has been getting worse. I am almost positive the hard water at school is causing my breakouts.

I naturally have dry skin and the showers at my university don't exactly help with their hard water and all. Whenever I would come back home my skin would begin to clear up until recently. Over the summer all I used was Coast bar soap for my face and body, along with plenty of time in the sun and pool. I switched to a few different face washes (clearisil, neutrogena) ever since I started breaking out at school. After about 6 months I finally have my acne on my face down to a bearable state. However, my bacne is very stubborn. It grew continuously up until about a month ago where it leveled off (pustules). I've tried using my acne wash on it, but nothing. I have a panoxyl bar, but since I have already dry skin, it doesn't feel too good. Ive started to use aloe vera after showering and it helps the dryness.

Now should I give the Panoxyl bar a week or so or am I doing more harm than good by drying out my skin. Also, is there anything I can do about the hard water at school. I understand I can use distilled water to wash my face, but my main concern is my back because I have a vacation to Florida in less than 2 months! Please help me! If you need any more info just ask.

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