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Acne can become more than just spots

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I have had acne a few years now and over that time it bothered me more and more. Then recently it seem to take over my life everything i do i am thinking now is this gonna cause a new breakout its rediculos. It started off like things i was eating which is understandable then it moved onto other things and then now it become things like not going out in the sun and if it rains dont go out because it might wash the bp off. Even things like not going on the computer more than 30 minutes a day because it might be causing acne from the light of the screen seriously every single thing i do i have to start thinking and worrying if i am gonna have acne the next day its rather perfectic. Even tho i got a very lot clearer and only have 3 spots of acne at the most active on my face and some days none *touch would* see now just by saying that im thinking am i gonna get a breakout of more lol its sent me crazy anyway i am not gonna let it anymore im just gonna stick to the regimen and do everything i want without even thinking about it. Its controlled my life for too long and im not gonna let it no more. The point is try not to bother giving it more credit than it deserves do a regimen and then thats it.

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I am just curious... does being on the computer actually cause breakouts, and more acne problems.... because I am on the computer for about 5 hours a day?

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Acne caused by inner body processes... other factors may bother your skin like touching it, foods, sun etc. that may make your face worse. Thats from my experience, im 15 and am "suffering from acne" for 2 years and counting.

To tell the truth, the only reason i have suffered is because 80% of the girls I like don't think im physically attractive so I end up as the "friend". My luck has changed recently because there are girls that are looking through my skin... it feels so good inside that i really don't care about my acne. I figure my hormonal acne can only get better in a year or two as long as I keep my face clean because our body naturally recycles skin so in 6-12 months my red marks should fade. In fact, everything that i've used on my face except mild soap has made the healing process take longer. That means in just washing with lukewarm water is working wonders today. Nearly every pimple i have gotten on my face has left a red mark. But i rarely get new pimples so im on the road to recovery. So far, since the use of Desitin 2 weeks ago, my red marks are still hanging in there but I havn't gotten any new pimples. Kewlly, I used to be like you but I decided to kick acne in the balls and not let it take over my life! Good Luck to everyone!

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