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I'm just going to share a few things to the board about myself so i can get to know many of you. Like a lot of you i have had acne since 15 years of age (i'm 19 now). It was pretty mild back then, i still took medications. I took minocycline, erythromycin, and bp prescribed by my family doctor. Those worked really well and i didn't really have a problem with acne as long as i kept using them. Well, i mostly stopped taking those meds my senior year of h.s. and my freshman year of college. My face stayed clear for a while.

Then once i hit spring semester of college my acne became a mild case. I thought it would go away, but it didn't. Then it got pretty bad and worsened to a moderate case. I tried refilling my prescriptions but the pharmacy wouldn't refill them unless i had permission from my doctor. My doctor wanted to see me for a physical and i didn't want to because my mom is suing him. (It would be akward, don't you think?).

Anyway, my mom is suing him because my 11 year old brother had a stroke on sept. of last year and the cause is still unknown. The doctor could've prevented it, and should've notified us that his blood pressure was rising. He's doing just fine now though, he has cortical blindness(can only see colors, not shapes).

Then i found a derm. and here i am on these new meds because i couldn't remember the names of the old meds when i went in for my appt. This has been a shitty year.

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Btw, i do get depressed about my acne but, i haven't been depressed about it in a week (that's a long time for me). Keeping myself busy has been greatly helping me to forget i have it. (I just got a new job). Also, i try not to look in the mirror too extensively. It just upsets me. Another thing that helps is seeing my progress through pictures. It lets me know that i will get over this. Even if it does take me a year. I will just have to wait it out.

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