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Zithromax! It's a med taken for phemonia and a few other things but I take it for my cystic fibrosis. If you don't know what CF is it's a genetic lung disease that affects a few other things. I don't have it very severe so it never bothered me much. Anyway back in jan. 2003 I got acne out of nowhere. My skin had never been a problem before that. Well confused I went through the normal rountine of trying everything like everyone on here. Nothing helped. In March 2004 unknowingly I stopped taking Zithromax. This was also the time I started taking Carlsons Fish Oil and using sulfur soap. My acne went away in a matter of weeks. Needless to say I was pumped! I was starting to feel like myself again. Then I caught something from some girl and got sick. I went to my doctor and he represcribed Zithromax. Right after I started taking it again my skin went to crap again. It still hadn't dawn on me that Zithromax was the problem. Well about a month ago I put all this together and I stopped taking Zithromax. But this time my skin isn't clearing like I thought it would. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm doing the exact same thing that cleared me the first time. Anyone have any suggestions to help clear me up? Anything?

I doubt many people will benefit from this post but I figured I'd share.

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That's really interesting... I never thought of other prescription meds actually CAUSING acne. Well, last time you said you stopped taking it in March, right? Maybe because it is August and still hot and sticky, you could still be breaking out? I'm not quite sure, that is a little tricky. Perhaps you wanna go see a dermatalogist, or even try Dans regimine. Good luck!

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