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breaking out bad

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okay so i've been on the regimen for 2 months and i just broke out pretty bad! :'( will it clear or are the products not working for me any longer? my skin was almost totally clear when i broke out

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From what I've seen, a lot of people won't see effects until 3 months.

Honestly, I've cleared fully, then BAM a massive break out, but I'm sticking with it because I have faith in this treatment.

Have faith. The treatment CAN'T stop working.

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I just started month 2. I aslo got a small break a couple days ago (it heals up real fast though).

but when I do get a random pimple forming, I just use a sterile needle to poke a small hole, then use a tissue to lightly squeeze until blood shows, then I apply the regimen. and the pimple will be totoally gone the next morning!

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I have been on the regimen for 11 weeks and the other day I woke up with a pretty decent sized pimple on my jawbone way up near my temple and I was pretty bitter because I have been mostly clear for a while but after one day it reduced in size dramatically. I don't think you are never going to get a pimple again just because you are on the regimen so if you get one or two, don't stress. I'm sure your skin is a million times better now than it was before starting. I know mine is.

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As someone else said, two months is still pretty new to the regimen; whether you feel that way or not. I wasn't completely clear, redness-free, and dryness-free until about the 4 month mark.

On another note, the regimen isn't a cure for acne. It just keeps it at bay VERY WELL. Even if you do the regimen religiously twice a day, you will still get a pimple or two here and there. The amount depends on your lifestyle and how steady you are with applying your BP and moisturizer.

If you tend to skip applications, sleep in makeup, pick and touch your face, you will probably get a couple of pimples a month. If you try your best to follow the regimen exactly, wash your makeup off before bed, and don't touch your face often, you'll probably get one pimple every month or one every few months. As of right now, the last pimple on my face was about two months ago and it was small and lasted about two days.

Also, to put your mind at ease, the regimen doesn't have a "time limit" to how long it will work for you. Your skin never grows a tolerance for benzoyl peroxide like many other medications and skin care products. To demonstrate this, I created a photo gallery of myself through the years of being on the regimen. I take a few pictures each year and post them on acne.org. Take a look if you want. Before starting the regimen, my skin was absolutely covered in pimples and the regimen has been working for me for 5 years now.

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