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I have a new puppy and she's always trying to lick my face. I would let her but I'm afraid that might cause a breakout. So does anyone if dogs licking your face will cause acne. I know this is a REALLY weird question but if anyone knows plz reply i'd appreciate it!

Nikki wink.gif

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I dont have a dog but I'm guessing that it would make it worse. I mean you dont even know where your puppy's mouth has been do you? For all you know, it could have been licking some food thats gone off or licking another dogs ass.

Dan's regimen says to not to touch your face during the day or lean your face onto your hands. So letting your puppy lick your face is a definite no no.

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Ummmmmm, why would you want to let your puppy lick your face? That just teaches her bad manners and she will try to lick everyones face, which I personally hate! Although I love my dog. laugh.gif

But, aside from the doggy manners part, I also think its a bad idea. Not only because of what she gets on you, but what she might be licking off your face. If you apply any type of topical, including sunscreen, makeup, BP, etc......you don't want her possibly getting sick from that, now do you? bb_icon_rolleyes.gif

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