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Flaking around the mouth after eating.

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Basically, I'm a flaking mess and I've done everything that's been suggested to relieve the flakes. I've even performed a few methods of my own that I highly doubt anyone on this board would suggest, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures! Anyway, my biggest problem is that I flake like crazy around my mouth and chin after eating because of how much my mouth moves, and I also get really flaky between my eyebrows for being so expressive I guess, haha.

Has ANYONE on this regimen conquered the flakes? If so, PLEASE share the secret.

By the way, I've been on the regimen for five months.

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I find that gently using a facecloth every 2-3 days when washing keeps flakes at bay. I know Dan says not to because of irritation, but its worth it to keep the flaking away IMO

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I just posted something along these lines to another member who was complaining of dry skin, so instead of just typing out stuff that says the same things, I'll copy and paste what I wrote to them:

For instance, this past summer I was dealing with really bad dry skin. I couldn't understand why for the life of me my skin was so tight, dry, flaky, and old-feeling. This is after 4 years of being on the regimen. Dry skin on my cheeks, I could barely eat because my skin would crack and flake from opening my mouth so wide.

I realized that it was because I was being too gentle to my skin. Keep in mind that your hands are your absolute best buffers. By being extra, super gentle while cleansing your face, you're GOING to deal with dry skin because that's what I was dealing with.

I also TRULY believe that dry skin is what causes more acne. It's like a no-win situation. You're gentle to your skin to prevent breaking out, but then you get really dry skin and you breakout.

How gentle are you washing your face? Are you "barely touching it" like Dan Kern suggests? While I feel that barely touching your skin is good to prevent acne from worsening (after all, acne is inflammation and anything that is inflamed will worsen when aggravated), I also feel that you may be dealing with the things that you are because of the way you are treating your skin. Try being a little more rough with it, cleanse like you would have normally done. Apply BP a little more roughly.

AHA is also a good ingredient. While I don't like Dan Kern's AHA+, my current lotion (the one I've been using since I was about 13) has a small amount of AHA in it and I've found that it does wonders for combating flakes.

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After showering, whether my face is wet or not, I slather on around 10-12 drops of jojoba oil, leave it for around 10 minutes and then dab the rest off. Keeps the flakes away all day when also adding moisturizer and more jojoba oil.

Flakes are going to occur, I think it just takes time to figure out what works for your skin and what doesn't.

Don't let flakes restrict your mouth movement, i've been there. It restricted how I ate, how I smiled, just in general, I was always thinking about it. But you get through it. Just have faith. Nothing should restrict your movements! :D

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