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Finally starting a new natural mission!

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I have been suffering from acne for 5 years and ive had it, I dont have the face I used to have. Im sick and tired of spending money on products that never give me results.

So im starting a natural method that has nothing to do with processed or products from the market, isnt it contradicting how marketers sell us product that dont have natural ingredients and tell us that we will have NATURAL skin from stuff which is never natural.

I will be sticking to more fruits and vegetables, and stuff that are more natural.

I am completely stopped taking soda,coke,etc, no more cookies or muffins or cereals.

more apples, bananas, carrot, because these are the things which help your skin.

I will also drink milk to see whether or not it triggers my acne or not, if it doesnt i will have it because of its high calcium, etc.

Here it goes:

Day 1: my face is completely RED and I have a HUGE whitehead on my chin and a whitehead on the left of my cheek. my skin stings very much! every week I will update you guys with a photo.

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Day 2:

my face is EXTREMELY DRY since the morning and its been burning me since day one because i picked some acne around my nose, I have a scab on the left of my cheek from day one that poped, and a scab at the bottom of my chin which also popped

right now my face is extremely try again, and my nose burns and chin hurts!!!

what I ate:


1 glass of water

1 cup of tea


2 small bottles of orange juice

1 samosa

2nd lunch:

my mom made sweet so I ate four of them

1/4 of papaya

roti with vegetables

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lol trust me man, i cant really write down every little detail but when i come back from school or workl i eat a lot probbably like 2 peoples food because i am body building

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day 3-4 (sorry day 3 was missed)

my face is less skaly and my skin doesnt even burn..

the whitehead that was on my left cheek has fallen and now there is a mark

i 1 whitehead on each end of my mouth..

whitehead on my chin again, from the beginning one

my face is red though

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