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Need help with black spots (they are blackheads)

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[the title is wrongly written it should say "Need help with black spots (they aren't blackheads)]

I used the regime for about a 1 year ago and it took care of all my acne, however there are black spots on my nose that refuses to dissipear, i havn't had many (or any) pimps on my nose and they are not blackheads (they are totally flat, unlike whiteheads) i've poked hole in the skin where a black spot has been and nothing byt blood came out. I havn't done the regime on my nose since i never had any acne there, are they blackheads, should i use the regime? any other advice?

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Why are you so sure they aren't blackheads? Blackheads are small black dots, very flat and in the pore... It sounds like thats what you have. Try getting rid of them by using pore strips and a cleanser with Salyctic acid (SA) in it, such as Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub...

If you still think they aren't blackheads, ask your derm! Maybe he will know what they are. (i still think they are blackheads though... bb_wink.gif )

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They sound like blackheads to me. I have those dang things too. mad.gif People say to use Jojoba oil on them.....I just got some Jojoba oil today....so hopefully it will work. cool.gif

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