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Forehead wrinkles more prominant

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Look in the mirror and raise your eyebrows and then look at your forehead. Are your wrinkles more prominent than before? I was looking at my forehead today for some reason and it looked like they got a lot more defined and deep than before.

Could be just me though but with all the things accutane does to your skin maybe this is a side effect

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Not surprising. I have the same problem after accutane too due to skin thinning and dryness.

You could try using L-ascorbic serum after your course as I am sure it will help minimize the lines abit.

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Guest tofupup

I also thought the skin under my eyes got more wrinkly/thin after accutane. My derm swore that no such thing happens, that any new wrinkles I saw was owing to the temporary dryness and would be resolved with proper moisturizing.

I don't believe him, but anyway, after accutane ended, he prescribed Retin-A for me, which not only helps stop acne from coming back but also encourages collagen growth. I think this has counterbalanced any wrinkles (perceived or real) caused by accutane.

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It's not just you. I echo tofupup's comments. Accutane dries the skin. Period. Some folks experience continued dryness (although not as extreme in most cases) after the course. Moisturizing is a must from here on out. That's not so bad. Moisturizing feels pretty good and only takes a few seconds. :)

Retin-a is a boon for post-Accutane users. So is alphahydroxy acid (aka AHA). The deep wrinkling won't last forever. Stay hydrated and keep moisturizing during and after the course. Once you're through, you'll notice a big difference.

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