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Accutane and Plasma donation

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I stopped my accutane treatment last year around June or July.

I know you're not supposed to donate plasma while on accutane, but do you think they'd rule me out from donating if I've taken it in the past?

I called and asked and they said they weren't allowed to tell me over the phone. I'd have to go in and start the whole process.

I'd hate to go spend hours there and then realize I'm not even qualified...

What I'm wondering is, would they even have a way of knowing if someone lied about what medications they took? I mean, something like accutane from a year ago wouldn't show up in any blood tests I wouldn't think?

Don't get me wrong- I would never lie and risk harming someone over the measly $20 or $30 I'd be getting to donate! But I'm just curious because I don't know how they would know?! That's kinda scary to me...

Has anyone here had problems donating plasma after having taken accutane? I REALLY need the extra cash right now so I'm hoping they'll let me do it!

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It's absolutely fine to donate blood once Accutane is out of your system, which takes no more than 1 month after you take your last pill. Since you have been off Accutane for over 6 months, you can donate blood.

They don't want people to donate blood while Accutane is still in their system in case the recipient of the blood is a pregnant woman, whose fetus will thereby be in jeopardy because of the established teratogenicity of Accutane.

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