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after accutane

well first of all, let me tell you, accutane clears up your acne. nothing else can be said about that. i tried literally every single prescription or otc. that you could possibley try in the two years or so that i had mild acne (no cystic). once i started accutane i became PERFECTLY clear in a matter of 3-4 months that i seriously forgot i had it because it had become that much of a 'small' deal. towards the last 2 or so months of taking accutane (i was actually taking the other kind of accutane it doesn't have the same name but is pretty much the same exact thing) i had been acne clear, no zits or pimples whatsoever. i finished taking my last months perscription of it and about two weeks later i have seen two zits in three days. the first one wasnt very bad at all (could not be popped or anything) just a small red dot. the second was a little more serious as it appeared to be an actual zit on my cheek about half an inch above the right corner of my mouth. although it is clearly a whitehead it isnt that bad and doesn't seem to be getting any worse. the other zit that i had is pretty much completely gone. just a question for those who have been on accutane (or any other 'sister' drug for that matter) who have finished the treatment, and have gotten any sort of pimples after their treatment was up..how long did it take for any new sort of blemishes to show up, and if so, how long until you were back on accutane and did it help??? im very curious as to if these two new semi-pimples will just go away and thats it or if i should go back to the derm. asap and get on accutane again. thanks. also, for all those who have really bad acne, stick with it and live every day like you have perfectly clear skin, because once you finally on on that one medication that helps, no one will ever remember you had bad skin, and even if they do they will just say wow they have perfect skin now. you are beautiful with or without acne and one day it will be perfect...live for tomorrow.

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