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I saved this article from an old issue of Seventeen Magazine called "31 Days to Great Skin" (idk what month/yr it's from, its not printed on the bottom of the page) and basically it's a two page spread with a month calender and each day has tips/instructions. Their regimen consists of cleanser, retinol, sunscreen, eating right/exercise/sleep/etc. I don't think this would work for someone with severe or even moderate acne, ye be warned.


- drink "8 glasses of water"

- wear sunscreen

- wash every AM/PM with cleanser (Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming cleanser is what they recommend, conincidentally this is my normal cleanser. Idk if I'm going to do it in the morning though)

- get 8 hrs of sleep nightly


1x: face mask (yogurt/fruit or a L'oreal glycolic peel, which I can't seem to find at target), exfoliate with either a blackhead scrub (not doing that, they don't work) or a washcloth (free!). Change pillowcase (definite, I might do more often than this)

2x: "20 minutes of cardio", although I'm going to aim for more than that. 40 min a week is not enough for me! Apply retinol at night (they recommend Olay Regenerist targeted zone enhancer). Use a lavender toner (Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta toner, which I also have).

3x: eat lean protein (fish, chicken, turkey, benas, eggs, milk/cheese)

General tips they provide:

- "try to cut back on" caffeine

- massage cleanser into your face as you wash it (doubt this makes much of a difference)

- don't pick pimples (this is a given)

- eat lots of vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber (at least they have something right)

I am also cutting out dairy because I have found that it makes me break out. FYI for those who have not read my other log, I have mild acne that can appear anywhere in my entire t-zone. I currently have some pimples on my chin and near my left temple.

for my retinol of choice...I can't decide between the Olay they recommended (I didn't see it at target last time i went but I can always check again), Retin-A, or Philosophy Help Me.

My plan is to implement all of their daily tips and food tips each day and do their weekly things as directed. wish me luck! :)

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