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Makeup Look for Dance?

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So, I have a spring dance coming up in March- March 5th, to be exact. I already posted this topic, but someone suggested I repost when the dance was closer, which would be now :)

I don't normally wear any makeup (unless chapstick counts!) so I want a natural, yet classy look.

I'm Indian, with the stereotypical brown/tan skin (my friends describe it as the "cookie" part of a chocolate chip cookie) , black naturally wavy, poofy hair, and brown eyes. My lips are pretty full and very pigmented. They look really pink even when I'm not wearing any color on them.

So.... suggestions for a natural look?

Also, if you could recommend a good drugstore foundation, that would be awesome :)


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Have you had any luck finding anything? Wish I would've found this post sooner!

As far as drugstore foundations go, I really love Revlon Colorstay as well as Revlon Photo Ready. I'm a very fair caucasian girl, so I'm not sure how the color choices are for girls of your tone. However, if you're going for a more natural look you might want to use just as a concealer on your problem spots then mix some foundation with moisturizer and apply that all over.

Then a little bit of blush on your cheeks (if you wear no blush, you'll look like a wax figure or a mannequin- not like a real person). As far as eyes go, just get some natural tones for shadow, a bit of brown or black liner, and mascara. A little gloss, and you're ready! :) I can go into more detail if you need me to. Just let me know. The dance is this Saturday, right? Good luck, and have fun!

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Oooh, A reply!

Thanks so much :D This was really helpful!

I think that sounds good, i want to look put together in pictures but not made up :) This is perfect!

And thanks for the good luck :) I'll try colorstay, a lot of people on here love it.

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Would you be willing to post a pic on here or PM me a link? I really wanna see how it turns out! I'll bet you'll look beautiful. I always loved getting all dressed up and pretty for school dances.

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If you mean legally or whatever, you're not too young (unless they're nude pics..and we don't wanna see those anyway). If you mean it makes you uncomfortable then I understand. :)

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