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Need help with all around bad skin (acne, dryness, redness, etc)

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Hi All,

Like many here who have tried EVERYTHING I have found nothing that will help my facial problems. I feel like every time it starts getting better, it will just get worse. I am so tired of it -- I always have to wear makeup (and not just a light dusting of powder) and it hinders my confidence to such a great extent. I can't do it anymore. My stress levels are manifested in a million different ways and it just stems from my skin problems.

I've done everything from the Proactiv route to Clean&Clear products to natural astringents to oral medication... and nothing works!

I will literally sit with a makeup mirror and do everything I can to get rid of the small pimples, but it's not like I get a breakout of zits.

I attached a photo (I warn you, it's pretty scary ;) ). It's hard to see, mostly just pimples that have popped or what have you. Though when I wear makeup you can see the bumps and dry skin. When the makeup is off you can see it all, you probably know how it goes.

If anyone has ANY ideas, I am willing to try stuff again (as i'm 19 now and started things like this when I was 14, so I'm sure I'm changing). I'm an athlete, I don't put any crap in my body so it's nothing like that. I have zero health problems but it's all in my damn skin.

Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate the help & support.



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If you have'nt tried it already try Dan's regime, all the details are on the Get Clear tab. Make sure you follow it precisely and avoid picking your skin at all costs. Also get some advice from Dan's blog about what makeup to use as some makeup can exacerbate the skin.

A slight alternative to Dan's regime is the one in my signature, essentially you substitue AHA/BHA gel for Benzoyl Peroxide and the rest is the same. This is a good option if you find BP overdrying on your skin.

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