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Ortho Tri Cyclen - Effects are Fleeting?

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Hey all!!!

I've never been on birth control, but right now I'm considering. I need it for a number of different reasons, but of course, like all the other girls in this site, I would love to get one that will completely get rid of all these unsightly spots.

I'm still deciding which pill to go on, but that's not really the reason why I posted this topic.

I've been scouring the boards and the net, as well as annoying ALL my friends who are on Ortho Tri Cyclen. I know this is going to sound SO stupid and unscientific, but I've seen THREE women who took OTC and initially cleared up but then had to get off the pill 3-4ish years later, because they were breaking out again (despite still being on this particular pill).

There was this one girl on Youtube (unfortunately, she deleted her video just recently) who said she had a really bad breakout in 2006 and was prescribed OTC and it cleared her up really well until she started breaking out again in 2009.

There are two other ladies on this site (I hope they don't mind me mentioning them... in any case, I don't remember their usernames) that used OTC and originally had clear skin whilst on it, but like I said before, after 3-4 years of usage, they started breaking out again.

WTH?!?!? Is there some sort of antibiotic that's in OTC that people become immuned to as time progresses?

Women on Diane, Yaz/Yasmin seem to always have consistent results, as opposed to OTC. Is it because OTC is a triphasic pill, and so women who are on it are more sensitive to hormonal changes? I don't get it!

Well anyway, that was my rant.

Anyone want to chip in and share their 2 cents on this?

OTC ladies, what do you guys think?

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i was on ortho tri cyclen for years and it made my acne worse. i also was on yaz for a bit and it did nothing for my skin. i have been off birth control for 2 years and my face has gotten better even though i have been getting some cysts recently. i think i heard that ortho cyclen is alot better to take if you are going to take birth control. its a monophasic pill so that hormone dosage is always the same. that might be your best bet if you are going to take a pill.

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I took OTC for a bit, although after taking it for awhile it affected my emotions/mood negatively (girls react differently) and i just stopped taking it and havent gone on another BC yet becuz i havent had time to talk to a doc about diff brands. but while i was on it i didnt see a difference in my skin.

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I think yaz/yasmin are more effective though everyone is different because yaz and yasmin have an anti-androgen component. My derm said people tend not to build up an immunity to it like other pills and that it's the only one she recommends for cystic acne. I was on OTC for about 6 years (I needed birth control for the obvious reasons back then). At times I thought maybe it was helping, especially in the beginning but I'd still break out some. I also forgot to take pills occasionally. The thing is, I was switched to generic Trinessa also after a little while, don't know if that made a difference. I still had some breaking out on generic yasmin though I kept blaming myself for occasionally missing pills. I was on yaz for a few months (free samples from doctor), it seemed to be really starting to help, then I went off it cause I'm cheap.

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