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Sid S.

Accutane not working for back

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im 2.5 months into accutane.

The drug has cleared up my face miraculously.

yet my upper back and shoulders are A MESS.

Accutane inhibits your body from HEALING which means that you will have acne that dont heal. it healed on my face though. but my upper back has more trouble with it.

and acne on my back which doesnt heal and has pain like a knife cutting an open wound.

Even the acne on my neck has cleared. On my face there is 96 percent less acne now. but on my shoulders and upper back it is like DOOM. Cystic acne all over there, which is painful.

just putting on a backpack is like OOWWWW like I have some kind of open wound. And accutane INHIBITS healing so these wounds are very annoying.

when WHEN will my backne and shoulder acne be gone. im starting to think that that would be too good to be true now. my back will now just be full of painful WOUNDS and god knows how unsightly it is.

sure the facial part is done with. but now im still very uncomfortable with backne and shoulder cysts.

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seriously my upper back and shoulders are all cysts which are having dead skin and not going away and they are all compounding each other. like i have several cysts under the skin and over it and full of scabs that are delicate and could easily be pull off but would bleed the healing process is crap

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Accutane inhibits healing but certainly doesn't prevent it. Body acne takes longer to clear on Accutane than facial Acne. Some peoples' body acne doesn't clear until the 4th, 5th or 6th month on Accutane, but chances are that it will eventually clear if you give it time.

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