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cystic acne

ugh.. i've got this one HUGE cystic type monster pimple and i dont know how to deal with it. i know these ones are the worst and usually lead to scarring. i dont want to have a scar bb_sad.gif

whats the best way to deal with something like this? i already squeezed it a little, its not budging (eee i just cant help it, i want it gone NOW and the way i see it i'd rather have a small red spot than a huge raised red spot) but i know thats not the right way to think.

i am using my proactiv (cut down to once a day because of overdrying and stinging) and then im dumping some on-the-spot cream over it. i cant wait for it to go away its been there for too long now.. thats why i get impatient and start performing surgery bb_neutral.gif

-did i mention i can feel the bump on the inside of my mouth as well?? its so BIG ahhhh make it go away!!

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spicy chicken,

go see a dermatologist, they can inject those suckers and make them go away in a couple days...or for a quick at home cure some people have put cortisone cream on cysts> that you can get at the drug store...

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cortisone cream eh? i might have some of thay lying around. thanks for the help! im so lost cause i pretty much never get one like this. damn you proactiv making things 100x worse. im seriously thinking of getting my money back and trying out dan's regimen. ( i was a little leery about using so much BP )

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