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Chest acne strikes again

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I had mild bacne, nothing a PanOxyl bar and some H&S couldn't solve.

That was probably 4 years ago (wow time flies). Anyone my chest and collar bone area now have large pores and whiteheads. If i squeeze those raised bumps, white creamish stuff comes out, which I presume are whiteheads.

I started using a PanOxyl bar again, it like the skin smoothed and anything that is a pustule or red will go away but it doesn't seem to be helping with the whiteheads as they come back. Any suggestions ?





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I have the same thing mine is a little more mild though and possibly hormonal

because the 3 weeks I'm off my period t breaks out but the week I'm on it they go away

does yours do this also? Or is it there constantly? My Dr put me on a new

Bc yasmin I've been on it a week I guess ill see how it works..

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Your chest loks EXACTLY like mine. I did find benzoyl peroxide 10% helped a little with the inflamed spots but as for the clogged pores, I'm still stuck. I usually end up making my chest yellow with bruising where I squeeze so much and nothing happens!

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