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I need to be acne free or close to by Monday.

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Please help, I need this garbage cleared before Monday. long story.

I've been using the neutrogena thing, but it's running out.. only thing that's left is their scrub I think. Iwas using this benzoyl peroxide thing in packets.. but it ran out.. I don't have time to get more at the moment.

I've also just started using this:


(best answer)

Please, please please. what can I do?

I took pictures of this disgusting thing.. it's on my forehead in the middle.

Quality is horrible, I know, stupid flash and stupid phone camera.



^fix it, it was filtered for some reason -_-

I;m also kind of getting body acne around my shoulders.. help? :\

WHAT CAN I DO? THAT'S EASY TO DO, and I don't have to really buy anything? I don't have much money or time.. till the next two weeks. (long story)

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Well I would'nt use the scrub at all as thats just going to exacerbate the problem. Avoid irritating the area by picking, using scrubs, flannals etc. Wash the area very gently twice a day. Benzoyl Peroxide is what you need to treat the outbreak, can you cut open the tube and extract some ?

Unfortunately there is no guarentee you will be acne free by monday even with BP, however if you can start to apply some then hopefully the outbreak will start to dimish by Monday.

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Well... thanks for telling me that about the scrub.. I was using that for like 3 days -_-

I will do that with the benzoyl peroxide, but it says to take it off after 5 minutes.. should I leave it for the night?


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No I would keep it on over night, if you wash it off it wont do anything. However dont apply to much to the outbreak especially if your using a BP of more than 5%, otherwise it might inflame the area. Once it has dried apply a non-comogenic moisturiser to the area, if you have one.

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