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How to get rid of this

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Hi. I signed up to ask a question here. Basically one of my friends noticed my umm pimple I guess on my nose. and it had that white stuff. She told me "dude it looks infected" I had to run to the bathroom and pop it. Now that someone, especially a female, took notice, I want to get rid of this but dont know how. I've had this pimple or w/e it is for about a year YES A YEAR!. I had popped it before and then it kinda just stayed there flat. Almost like a stain. It would turn into a flat red dot and it looked really bad. sometimes it would get bubbly and I'd have to pop it again. I want to get rid of it but have no idea how. I have pics to see if someone here can help me. I know its gross ugh -___-




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There's a very good post on what to do with a popped pimple.

Basically what I do is sterilize it (with a q-tip and like.. rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide), then I ice it (wrap ice cube with paper towel, apply for a minute or less), then put an antibiotic on it.

Someone on these boards will have that topic and give you the link, because my advice is probably flawed. Best of luck.

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Just apply benzoyl peroxide 2,5%, 2x a day, on it for a long time (even after it looks like its gone). It seems like there are some persistent bacteria in that area. Benzoyl peroxide will kill them. Just popping the pimple only gets rid of some, and the remaining onces will just start to create another pimple.

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