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Spanish Acne Book Published in 1999 I found....

So I take my Mom to the Flea Market this past Sunday where I find this book in Spanish about acne.

After several hours of translating and deciphering what products the author was discussing in the book with a Torn cover, I find the author is pretty much preaching to wash with a gentle cleanser once a day and a rinse with just water once a day. The author also named 2 meds that I guess are or were available in Mexico Over- the- counter at the time. I find out she was speaking of applying a topical anti-Fungal "Clotrimazole"solution directly on the Blemish with a Q-Tip or Cotton Ball. The med will then dry and get sucked in almost immediately, it was then followed by what I find out to be Hydro-cortisone in a solution. This process was done twice daily and she claims it is one of the most effective treatments she has seen on her skin and on others she has told. I was able to find The clotrimazole solution online and at Walgreens or CVS. I know she is on to something because my Dr. told me to put these Anti-Fungal drops in my Ear a few years back when I had inflammation in my Canal along with a zit on the tip of the earway entrance. The hydrocortisone I found that was safe was "Cortizone 10" it has 1% Hydrocortisone along with Aloe and citric acid. I will begin testing this on myself Tonight and I will post anything and everything as far as progress.

Many Thanks!

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interesting! let us know how it goes. I've used lotrimin (Clotrimazole) on yeast infections that my kids would get in their chubby thigh rolls on occasion. I wonder how effective this would be on acne since as far as I know, acne isn't caused by yeast-- is it?

good luck!

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