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Being more open about acne to other people

I was so embarrassed by my acne - especially given my age, late 30s. I used to be bad at committing to things and if my skin was bad on the day, I'd want to cancel and withdraw. If I was having a bad breakout, I didn't want to see my boyfriend.

Well this year I have had it with acne. For one, I am starting Accutane (just 2 weeks in so far) and the fact that I am doing something that is highly likely to clear me up makes me not care so much about the breakouts I do currently have.

Secondly, I started being more open about my skin problem. I told my boyfriend I was going on accutane - he really doesn't care about my skin, so now that has reduced a lot of stress and self-conciousness I was feeling about it.

I also confided in my colleague/friend at work (who also had a course of accutane) that I've started taking it and it was really nice to chat about it in a fairly light way with someone else who understands.

Last Tuesday, everyone at work had to have a studio portrait taken for our website and I was dreading this!! Luckily our photographer is really, really lovely woman, as soon as I went into the photog studio I said 'Oh, I'm having a bad skin day, is there anything you can do about that?" She was so sweet about it and told me she'll be retouching skin in everyone's photos 'because we all need a little help'. I saw the images she took of me and other members of staff and I'm sure she took mine with a longer lense, so it wasn't so close up, so my acne was barely noticeable anyway. Something that I was dreading turned out to actually be really fun....because i was open with her about my skin worries and she did stuff to fix it so i wouldn't worry.

The next day at work, I had to give a talk to 30 members of the public, all of whom naturally were staring at me, as you do when someone is giving a talk. I currently have a breakout of 6 fairly large lumps on the left side of my face (I do cover with make up) but the last thing on my mind was my acne, I was more worried about my talk (and accutane making my mouth a bit dry)!

I don't know why I feel more relaxed about it - but it is so much better to be open with people. People like and prefer those who are open with them and frankly I think no one really cares that I have skin issues - it is something that I am sure they can see and register, but it doesn't define who I am.

Just wanted to share.

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Hey. I like this post.

It's so true... we feel so ashamed of acne, when... honestly... no one actually cares. But because we're so ashamed, we hide, we pull away, and we wouldn't dare bring it up, lest it comes to someone's attention even more than we imagine.

It actually feels so much better to just get it out in the open, especially to people who are close to you.

I remember that being with a boyfriend was by far the thing that stressed me out the most when it came to acne... I felt like it was so up close and personal, that there was no where to hide. So i'd spend the entire time worrying myself sick that he was noticing and being turned off.... eventually my acne got so bad that I broke down and confessed, and I was shocked to hear him say that he didn't even notice. ........ what? Yeah. Really.

Now I'm extremely open with my current boyfriend about it and it really takes the edge off. Big time.

So yeah. Good post.

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I am so self conscious about my acne. I am even scared to go out to buy products by myself i have to ask my grandma to do it(face palm) I wished i have the confidence to open up with others about my issues but i am just too scared to.

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