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Maria V

Finally found a derm that I think can help me!!!

I go on hiatus from this site for so long they always ask me for my username when I come on, lol. Today was my first trip to my new dermatologist! I was really pleased with this visit because the nurse I saw before the actual dermatologist was very informative and knowledgeable. She was actually the first physician to talk to me about Accutane. However, before we consider we are weighing other options. I am officially on Tazorac starting today, and some other topical for the morning, I will post that up once I find out what it is. I have been on Tazorac before, but this woman actually gave me a full regimen instead of past dermatologists who just hand me a tube and say "good luck". I know it has just been one day, but the cleanser they gave me is amazing. it's from Neostrata and it's their Glycolic Foaming Wash. This stuff is great because it is non-abrasive and my acne isn't flared after I use it. My skin feels soft and nice after I wash with it. It does dry my face out a bit but it's to be expected. By the way, I'm posting these products up just in case you guys want to give them a try. I am so done with listening to women at Sephora or other cosmetic counters, I truly believe they will tell you anything just to make money and it's really sad.

My acne isn't horrible, but it's enough to make me want to stay inside without make up. Currently I just have a lot of hyperpigmentation and irritation. I think I have maybe two active pimples and I am pretty sure one is a cyst, so I'm going to try not to touch it...It's going to be so hard!!

So anyway, I will post back on progress in a few weeks, and if I don't you can assume it's going well!

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glad you have a derm that can listen and help. i've seen a few differnt ones at the same office and they all just seem to not listen. but i've taken antibiotics, duac, retin-a micro pump, differin..then asked for something else and got taz .1 cream (idk if your using the .05 or the gel) but i've gotta warn u that other stuff i never had to moisturize and could use any face wash no problems, after couple weeks of taz i was on the most gentle wash i could find and tons of moisturizer. so im just here to warn you, don't use too much, i always have that problem and with this stuff it made my skin super sensitive dry and really shiny and greasy from all the moisturizer. a little is all you need, i've seen it work good on others but use too much an it'll backfire. goodluck, hope it works for you!

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Hey Cj, I'm on the .05 and 1%, I use them alternatively. My derm told me a great way to use them so it doesn't really dry out my skin. I use only like a pencil eraser sized amount and I put it over my face while it's still damp. I have noticed that my skin doesn't flake or get dry as much as it used to when I used taz when I was younger. I am also using a pretty gentle wash and I have a great moisturizer. It's from Neostrata and it's the Ultra Moisturizing face cream, it's a bit pricey but it's well worth the cost.

Good luck finding a derm that works for you, and don't be afraid to keep looking if you feel that they aren't working out.

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