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OMG PLEASE HELP ! im dying here

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okay ive been on the regime for about 3 weeks now

its improved slightly but not sure if its just due to chance or my diet..

anyway my skin is peeling of soo bad.. its incredibly dry .. painful and ITCHY!! and whats the worste part is im starting to feel really self concious as i walk outside or even at home....

My routine is

jojoba oil first

then shower


bp 2 pumps

moisturizer 3pumps + 5-7 drops of jojoba

and we speak its 4pm and i applied this about 7 hours ago and my face feels like its going to crack... it hurts to smile!

what do i do now? stop BP and make it once a day? 1 pump only? get off it completely for a few days? cause i read severe dryness = irritation = more acne but im scared reducing my bp would make it worste...

oh and moisturizer and jojoba oil and 2 -3 minuets of rubbing still makes my face look so oily! takes aboue 1-2 hours for it to soak in !!

i beg u any he4lp would be greatly appreciated .. im at work atm and i feel like going home cause im sick of ppl staring at me

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I would not be the first person to say this, but i don't think this regimen is worth the tight/dry, oily and red skin you get while on it. I'm talking from experience here. You have to compensate so much for the bp that you end up putting loads of product on your face, which in turn makes your face appear to be very oily. So, even if it were to suppress your acne, it's not worth the side effects. I mean seriously, you should not have to suppress smiling because of the physical burden it puts on your face due to the tightness. I have been through all that crap. Look, there are too many natural ways to deal with acne for people to continue to use something like bp.

I did an older post on green tea, but i'm currently using lemon juice and i have to say it is great (natural AHA). Just take a look at the reviews on this site about both of these naturally occurring acne fighters. And that's just two. There are loads of natural remedies out there for you to experiment with. Shoot, you wanna try a great face wash that isn't harsh? not natural by any means, but try using baby wash instead of your normal acne cleanser. It's really gentle on your skin. Also you can try cutting out things in your diet like gluten, soy, milk, sugar, or pretty much anything that is processed. That's something that has noticeably helped me as well. I also supplement with fish oil and some key vitamins.

Bit of a long rant here, but i've been reading alot of negative posts lately about the 'regimen' and they just remind me of what i dealt with while using bp and moisturizers. There are actually ways to clear your skin AND get a good complexion, but alot of people will find this difficult to accomplish while using bp products. Some people can do it, but these people have skin that can take alot of wear and tear and not show it. Either way, it's not healthy in the long run to use these harsh chemicals. You absorb much of what you put on your skin, and i don't think it's crazy to say that bp isn't something you want to be absorbing all your life. Anyway, reading your post brought out a sleeping anger in me and i had to respond.

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WE ARE ON THE SAME BOAT!!!!! im on my 21st day of the regimen and im still breaking out, but the itchiness will wane as you are patient.

I hope!!!! i'M going to keep going no matter what!!!!

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Guest Bloody Corpse Deamonn duh

maybe thats worsening before getting better? :/

orz..if ur still overwashing deff stop that and maybe reduce amounts of bp, leave jojoba oil overnight sometimes, to relieve inflammation. also try applying raw aloe vera gel, reliefs itchiness instantly.

this & what onefatalgoose said.

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I should really just write this down somewhere and copy paste it, way too much to type.

1. Cleansing:

You can wait less time between cleansing and applying BP (Pat dry and apply it immediately, or just do it before your skin dries out and cracks)

You can apply jojoba oil RIGHT after you cleanse, while your face is still wet to prevent it from cracking and drying like i stated above

You can cleanse with a damp washcloth to help exfoliate the flakes and dead skin (Warning: if you have sensitive skin, use gently, and it will probably make you very red, don't worry, it goes away within a few minutes to an hour.

2. BP:

You can start by lowering your dose of BP like brandy said.

You can even drop it to once a day if you HAVE to, but avoid doing this unless completely necessary, it might not clear you if you don't use it twice a day.

3. Moisturizer:

You can wait more time between between applying BP and moisturizer (30 minutes to an hour, just make sure your skin doesn't dry out or crack) and that should help with redness and itchyness

You can blot off the extra shine with a tissue, paper towel, toilet paper squares, or even just a rag, so you can use as much oil as you damn well please without dealing with the oiliness.

Good luck!

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The dry skin is really annoying because I know how it feels. Afraid to smile because of your skin cracking and peeling...I also used to be afraid to eat out in public because if I opened my mouth too much, it'd peel on the corners.

The best way to get rid of dry skin is to stop being as gentle as Dan recommends. You're still pretty new to the regimen, so some of the dryness will still be there until your skin becomes used to BP.

If I'm too gentle with my skin (barely touch it when washing, etc), my skin becomes so DRY and horribly itchy and cracking. This happens even now, and I've been on the regimen for years. The best form of exfoliation is your very own fingers. Just stop being so gentle, put a little more force when washing your face, and I can almost guarantee that you will see an improvement in your dry skin after a few days to a week.

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I think perhaps you used too much BP to start off with. I guess you could reduce it JUST A LITTLE BIT (not too much) and see how your skin reacts. To be honest with you, I had the same problem before when I first started BP. I could honestly peel off my skin cuz it was so dry. But your skin will eventually get used to it and produce some oil to balance off the dryness.

It's good that you're using jojoba oil to counteract the dryness. What I used to do is to gently exfoliate the dead skin with my fingers. BUT be cautious that you may have colour disorientation for a few days if your skin is too dry right now.

My advice is: moisturize your skin, and work with the amount of bp you're putting on your skin to test out the optimal level for your skin to fully benefit from bp.

but bottom line is: I know this phrase is painful, but you will get better very soon! Just hang in there for perhaps a few weeks then you will have a beautiful clear skin! :) Good luck!

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