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Products can be rubbed off?

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If I scratch or rub an area where I have applied the Regimen products, whatever film they create on the skin can be rubbed off and the texture feels a bit like eraser shavings. If someone were to give me a back scratch I think a whole bunch would come off.

Is this indicative of doing something wrong? I don't think I"m using too much of anything, I use less than 3 pumps as I can't seem to absorb it very readily. If this is normal, do people have any tricks to deal with it? It's not a major problem but now that I am aware of it I'm finding it hard to stop fussing with.

I am also finding that my back-acne is significantly worse on the regimen than when I was using 10% BP. Is this to be expected? I'm quite disappointed.

Thank you,


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Ah, yeah! When I was on the regimen it was a ridiculous amount of "eraser shavings," which is a great description. You know, I have no idea how to combat this. The only thing this means is that a lot of product is resting on your skin. I feel like that would smother the skin and only further cause acne. Of course this is just speculation, as I don't have anything else to back up that claim.

And as for your back, hm, well the back is much, much more resilient to product than the face. So, using 10% might be extremely effective and non-irritating. If you really have beef with 10%, like it wasn't getting you fully clear and you hoped 2.5% would, then give the 2.5% more time. Other than that, you could go back to 10% and maybe try applying more product than you used to. However, I would take everything I say with a grain of salt. These are just ideas.

Hope I helped! Good luck!

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