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Joey's Personal Log.

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Day 1...

Schools Out bb_razz.gif

-I'm using the proactive solution, the 3 set which includes a Revitalizing Toner, Repairing Lotion, and a Cleanser.

-I'm also using a dial body wash 2 in 1 Cleanser

-And a Netrogena Soap bar.

My skin is quite oily and my pores tend to get cloged rather easily. I have acne all over my front chest as well as the front back area plus some random acne around the lower back. My face is really red from previous acne and I have at least 7 big acne marks on the face in random areas.

I'm 16 and weigh 145 pounds at a height of 6'0''

Proactive doesn't seem to hurt my skin at all I can barely even notice it.

I take a nice warm shower washing my face with the netrogena soap bar as well as covering my body with the dial body wash. Immediatly after I have dried off i apply the Proactive Cleanser very softly, not rubbing at all.

10-15 minutes later i wash it off with luke warm water and apply the toner in which i put on a cotton ball. 5-10 minutes after that has dried i put the 2.5 bp lotion and wait till the evening to redo the process.

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Day 2

Wow! Proactive is reducing the size of my acne on my face which is great. Hoping results will continue on my hopes for a miracle.

I've had 3 cokes today which is not good because I think my diet is what's causing the major acne breakouts around my face.

More to come...

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man its remarkable hwo many kids i see on this board who are my age weigh the same as me and are the same height .. im 6'1 143lbs and am 16 odd.. well good luck i went on proactive and it didnt work for me but i hope for you ^^

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