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I too joined for the propose of telling everyone about Apple Cider Vinegar. I have had HORRIBLE cystic acne on my back for the last 28 years! My entire back is covered in the scars and the big red painful cysts. Not one or two but at least 20 ALL THE TIME! Its been just awful and nothing would touch it. Its so embarrassing. Big red pustules all over my back.

I started spraying a solution on my back a couple times a day (10 parts water to 1 part AVC with the "mother") 5 days ago.

OMG OMG OMG!!! the scars are lighter and the cysts are no more. I swear!!! Its amazing. I cant tell you how thrilling this is for me. by summer I hope to be wearing a tank top in public!!!!

Now, I didnt choose to drink it because the smell makes me gag. I'm diabetic ( maybe the reason for the acne?) and tried a shot of AVC to control blood sugar. I couldnt do it! >.<The taste is just disgusting.

I tried mixing a teaspoon in my water and still the smell was to much for me.

Any suggestions?

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Always dilute ACV in water! :)

Maybe try adding some raw honey and or cinnamon to your water / acv mix?

Then again, I go for mind over matter, just thinking how much worth it is drinking it, think of a clear skin.... :) then you wont mind the bad taste as much, and you might even get used to the taste, I have!

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I too struggle with drinking it and even though it will take longer for your acne to heal, it may be the only way: start with a smalllllllll amount of acv in a bottle of water and sip it slowly over a long period of time. Then just work your way up to a tablespoon or two if possible. It will take time, but I think going slowly will be a big help.

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He's right. Don't put ACV in a bottle and "sip it".

My favorite way to do it is pour a small glass of Apple Juice and put the ACV in a shot glass. Take a sip of the AJ, slam the ACV shot, then chase it with AJ. Naturally, it tastes best when you use Apple Juice, and if you take a shot of it, it shouldn't touch your teeth, and gets the process over with quick.

Do this once or twice a day and you should be set.

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