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oily T Zone

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im 18 and have an oily t zone face

iv tried all products retin a , accutane but nothin works

my chin is the worse area

iv tried benzoyl peroxide before and have had no success iv tried this regimen 3 times but have failed to complete 1 week as my skin becomes red

i know this is a side effect but how long does it take for the redness too go down (thru any of ur experience)

is this regimen suitable for me as my skin is not that bad but is very sensitive ? would i need to use a full finger length later on?

has anyone been in a same situation like me b4 ?

please help

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i got oily skin too, ive been using ketsugo for last few days and ive noticed my skin is nowhere as oily as it was b4. u might have to ring a few pharmacies to get it for u they used to sell it at boots and superdrug but dont anymore just keep ringing and im sure u willl find a chemist who will order it for u . im using the gel they also do a spray but im not sure which is the best one, it really does slow down the oil and in 3 to 4 weeks it should be normalised. u use it twice a day and when it becomes normal just once a day or every other day let me know how u get on it costs £9.95 for 60ml it worked for me hope it does the same for u :D

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yes this stuff is really great and not that expensive either. you can order it off line at www.ketsugo.org there you will find out all the information you need. normal oil production means no acne.

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Hey.. I have -extremely- sensitive skin. I've been using bp for almost two months now and my skin is used to it. I found that the redness went away after just a few days. After the first week, things were just fine. Don't give up on it! Trust me, it will pay off I'm sure :) Try it again.

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