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Anybody ever have the guts to ask out a girl??

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Well i've had this same crush for this same girl for about 4 months now, and the only thing different about me now from then is my skin , oh and the amount of muscle ive gained from working out all summer . Yay

But anyways, my skin is much clearer than when it was when I first was about to ask out the girl, but then I thought to myself that I should just wait to ask her out until my skin is better, well now it is, and school starts next week, and im going to do it this time, no hold backs! Wish me luck

So have you guys ever asked out a girl with acne? Obviously in my case, the answer is no, but Im willing to give it a shot this new school year.

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I haven't yet, but Im going to ask out this girl that I have liked for a while. She likes me also, and I have mild to moderate acne, shes a really pretty girl with a clear face, anything can happen. Girls look past just your looks, remember that

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Dont just flat out ask her, flirt with her first and "test the waters" so to speak. if she is receptive then ask her to hang out. Take it from there.

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yeah i definitely suggest the hangout idea

i dont know if your old enough and or have the ability to do this, but it can really get a girl comfortable and at your young age they have a lot of fun:

talk with her a lot if you have any classes with her, be funny and whatnot, but definitely be yourself

if you can drive, offer to take her (not meet up, drive her atleast to and from her car if she drives to school) afterschool to go eat somewhere, not a fancy date restraunt, and dont make it a date, some place casual. D Decent hamburger places are good options unless shes a veggiefreak. I would avoid fast food. And please, please, bring some damn money with you.

The hanging out with you alone for a while and going out for some laughs really increases short-term bonding. For that week there is a good chance all her attention will be on you, she will be talking to your friends about what you did, etc. This is good!

I wish you good luck. And for the record I did have the courage last your (10th grade) to ask a couple girls out, both with very positive results. Myacne was probably twice as bad as the before pics in my gallery. I had a brief span of self confidence last year, which helped me more then any amount of stupid face gel ever did. I know your sick of hearing "girls look past your looks", but an outgoing, fun, and funny guy can EASILY get a very good girl. Confidence makes a woman drool.

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