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Raw Food Diet Experiment

What is your current diet like?  

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  1. 1. You follow a ________ diet

    • Standard American Diet
    • No Dairy
    • Vegetarian
    • Vegan
    • Raw
    • Diet that I haven't listed (please tell me what you eat in comments!)

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Hello everyone,

I've always been interested in optimal health; mind, body, and soul.

I'm always experimenting with my diet, playing around to see which feels best for my body.

I've been vegan for a while now, albiet a not so strict one (I can be known to eat a bit of chocolate)

but I am very interested in the raw food diet.

For anyone unfamiliar with it, the raw food diet consists of eating all of your foods uncooked, in their natural state.

(Cooked being heated below 115 degrees)

Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean eating all salads. There are alot of fun and tasty recipes that I have come across.

I'll get more into this later, though.

Benefits I hear recorded from the raw food diet concerning skin:

Loss of water weight, toning of all over skin, reduction of any acne, tightening of pores, and the coveted 'glow' of health.

So! I propose to eat consistantly more and more raw foods each day, and see how this effects my skin. Fairly straightforward, no?

While doing this I will continue my skin cleaning routine; washing with water and then dabbing on pure aloe vera, morning and night.

Once or twice a week I make and use an organic lemon and sugar scrub.

My skin currently is neither amazing nor terrible. Fairly average skin; dry at times, scaly in parts, slight discolorations, old red marks, blackheads, and larger pores than I would like. My skin does not look nice under florescent lighting.

Wish me luck! Feel free to offer encouragement, share your thoughts, your homemade beauty recipes, your dietary stories... whatever you'd like!



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The first day of this experiment has passed, so I will give you all a run down.

I mentioned in my earlier post that I've been a vegan for awhile now.

Last night we had a staff party at the bowling alley with them providing the food.

Lo and behold, they had pizza. I hate pizza, but my boyfriend convinced me that for this experiment I should start off eating a 'normal' diet and improve it from there. I was game to try it out, especially to see how I felt after, so I had 3 slices of pizza; one cheese, one pepperoni, and one ham and pineapple. Even when I was not a vegan I would never have eaten these.

Almost immediately after finishing I felt nauseous. I tried to suck it up but found myself running back and forth to the bathroom. I finally threw up and felt better. Lesson learned, my body is quite happy without those foods.

My skin today is looking blotchy and unhappy. Today I stay home and incorporate many more raw foods.

Yesterday I ate: 2 Bananas, 1 green drink consisting of; passionfruit, plums, bananas, lemon apple juice, kelp, & stinging nettle, 1 avacado, 2 slices of rye bread and enough organic peanut butter to cover them, and the 3 slices of pizza.


Hope everyone understands my deviation from my initial plan,

it ended up serving me well as I now have a better understanding as to exactly what my body does not like!

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Day 2 Down, today will be my third day! I woke up this morning with my skin glowing. This is a good sign.

Yesterday I ate 3 bananas, 2 apples, a couple handfulls of blueberries, organic granola consisting of organic whole grains, oats, cashews, almonds, coconut, cranberries, raisins, dates and honey in rice milk. I ate a spinach salad wrap, a portion of handmade scone baked by my grama, whole wheats, sunflower seeds, and other things, and a lot of chamomile tea. I would imagine I drank about 5 glasses of water, I'll try to get 8+ today!

Thanks for baring with me.

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Hello Everyone, I know I've got no replies, but hopefully this can be of help to someone

out there who stumbles across it :angel:

I think I'm done eating for the evening, so here is my third day's log:

I made raw brownies with raw icing today, and they may just be the best brownies I've ever had. My boyfriend and my mom both confirmed this. I'll pass along the recipe in case anyone is interested.

To make the brownies:

2 cups of (soaked first) organic almonds

1 pound of organic dates

4 teaspoons of organic cacao

1 spoonful of manuka honey

2 lids of organic vanilla

Blend the almonds in a food processor until smooth, then add all of the other ingredients. Blend until it starts to ball up. Dump it out into a brownie pan and pat flat. Put it into the freezer for about an hour to firm up. If you want to add the icing, you could do so before or after the freezer.


2 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil

2 tablespoons of organic cacao

3 lids of organic vanilla

water to thin

manuka honey to sweeten

You can just blend them all in a bowl, making more or less depending on how thick you'd like your icing. I'm not big on precise measurements, but you should be able to guage how it will turn out. Just keep taste testing!

You can top with walnuts if you like, that's what I did.

So, what else did I eat? I ate 3 bananas, 3 apples, a couple handfuls of blueberries, a mango, a thick hearty lentil soup containing lentils and carrots and all sorts of lovely organic goodness, 3 dalmantheses, and a spinach salad.

My skin is very smooth today, not necessarily much nicer in terms of redness but it feels different. My boy thought it looked glowy.

Cheers all!

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Today I was flat on my back sick. I was aching and feverish, and didn't move off of the couch for 7 hours. I slept a lot, and didn't feel too inspired to eat anything.

I ate 2 oranges for breakfast, a whole bunch of orange juice, a lot of herbal tea, a few bites of oatmeal and a spinach wrap. I'm just preparing some rice right now, and I plan to head to bed after that. My wonderful little sister took care of me all day.

My skin? I didn't even look that closely at it today, it looks more even in colour.

Cheers all

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Days 5,6,7 and 8?

I've been so so sick the last days, on my back eating barely anything.

I ate a lot of apples, and drank a tonne of orange juice and herbal tea.

Sometimes I ate bananas, and one day I had a melon. I made rice and spinach wraps,

and bean wraps, and had a soup.

Yesterday morning I had a fruit smoothie: 2 bananas, an avocado, a bunch of berries; blueberry, huckleberry and blackberry, and flax seeds. It was wonderful. I had an apple. I tried to get down a veggie sandwich; artichokes, lettuce, sundried tomatoes, tomatoes, onion, pickle, but they put a lot of mayonnaise on it and it was really thick bread and my stomache hated it, and it ended up coming back up....

So I haven't gotten to where I'd like to be just yet with raw but I've been pretty unwell.

My skin looks amazing though! It's healing really well and looks surprisingly even toned.

(This could also just be from leaving it alone)

I'll continue to let you know,

thanks guys!

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Hey 4frida =)

I would love to know how your experiment is going these days! I myself have been vegan for almost a year now, and am considering going raw. please let us know how its been going for you!


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