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Hey all I just started this about one week ago. I ordered the whole kit from this site just cause I figure I might as well use what he was. My acne isnt as bad as some of yours but its bad enough that it kills my confidence as I am sure you all know what im talkin about. I mainly just have white heads and black heads and its spread in little bunches around my face. So Ive been doin the regimen exactly except that I use more than a pea sized amount just because you cant cover your whole face with it. So I use just enough to cover my face very gently with it. then I wait 10 min and put on just enough of the moisturizer which is about 1 pump. So I am kinda dry but not overly flakey though i was for about 2 days, but now it seems like it is getting worse. Just small red pimples they arnt full blown whiteheads sticking out but if you get close it seems like all my pores all of a sudden are getting pimples. Is this normal? Ive heard that the BP brings everything from the inside to the top and kills it. Is this true? If so when does it usually stop? I am really hoping this works. My acne is just in the middle that I can't go on acutane because its not bad enough but it still makes me not even want to look in the mirror. I just moved to nyc like 7 months ago and i am not used to this humidity (im from az) so my acne got alot worse since ive been here. Never really had it before i moved. I am 23 (male in case anyone was wondering) and this as you all know really affects your social life. I am in med school and want to enjoy going out with the people i have met. Plus I really need a gf at this point haha but I need this to be gone first. Sorry for long post but any info would be awesome. Ill post pics later today so you can see what kind of acne I have and Ill post a pic on the same day every week to see which kind of results im getting.

Thanks everyone.


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I'm in week 4 and it's getting better now. Week 3 was hell.

Honestly, you just have to hold out and have faith in what you're doing! Personally, I have no better treatment to try so I may as well carry on with what I'm doing!

Keep it up and I'm certain you'll see results. :)

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Hi, i'm totally going through what you are going through right now. I'm on the starting of week three and my face is a dumpster. i have white heads coming out of big read pimples and places i never get acne from are up the surface. I really just want to cry and not go to classes.

I am doubting too. I hope this all goes away!

Have a little faith.

my boyfriend is supportive of me by having me forget about my face.


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