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Low-GI Diet Log

hello all, i'm a 23-year-old female and i've decided to dedicate myself to getting rid of my face and back acne. i have too many sexy, backless dresses in my closet to let this go on for much longer.

i've had acne for about 6 years, and i bet i've tried everything you have: all the meds (except for accutane), all the topicals, all the birth controls, all the detergent switches :) some things help, but too many don't. living in india for 4 months and having to change my diet radically to spicy, healthy and un-sugary foods was the only time i've really felt good about my skin.

i'm scared of accutane. it's too much of a risk, IMO. with that in mind, i believe changing up my diet is going to help. i'm going to share my experiences with you here, and i hope you chime in. i know how awful acne can be and this site has made me realize i'm definitely, definitely not alone :)

i'm changing a lot right now (going on a new birth control, beyaz--similar to yaz--, starting doxycycline again, dabbling with retin-a, changing my foundation, adding some vitamin e and evening primrose oil to my regimen) so i can't be sure what's attributed to what. all i can say, is that i've tried all this ish before (minus eating well...god, i love cheeseburgers and burritos and fries way too much) but enough is enough. i'm not a great cook yet, but i'm going to start preparing all my own meals. if there's a way to spice up seemingly boring healthy foods, i will find it!

recipe suggestions, i imagine, will be greatly appreciated. i'll share mine with you too, if they're any good.

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Day 1. Breakfast: 3-egg omelette with spinach and onions and pepper. Delicious!

Snacks: walnuts, almonds, raisins little bit of dark chocolate. Some jalapeno hummus and carrots and broccoli.

Late afternoon lunch: smoked salmon and spinach on a toasted whole grain English muffin...with a *touch* of low-fat cream cheese (sigh! there's no way to eat salmon+bread without cream cheese, am i right?)

Dinner: amazing. Morningstar Farms black bean burger SAUTEED (soo much better than in the microwave!) with sauteed onions and garlic and tomatoes. Dinner was a winner.

By the by, when I sautee this stuff, I'm doing it in EVOO.

I feel great. Drove by a Chik-Fil-A and willed myself to ignore it, and glad I did. Going to add green tea into the mix tomorrow.

I don't expect to see results for at least a few weeks (at least.) I don't know if it's helpful to post everything I eat, but I might as well. Someone out there may find it useful.

Also, my acne is hormonal--it's along my jawline and near my mouth. Also redness on the cheeks, red spots on my chest, and big red spots along the top of my back. My skin is a host to a delightful mixture of cysts (few), whiteheads, and blackheads. My face is like an equal opportunity employer.

Chin up though!

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Are you going to eat like that everyday? All that stuff sounds quite tasty :P. So tasty I'd probably double everything if I were on your diet.

Also, for me, antibiotics get rid of all my actives and all my deep acne and inflammation within a week, but they might work differently for you and unfortunately I had to stop taking them due to side effects. All I can say is I hope they still work and you continue to stay clear once you're off them! You might want to get probiotics and prebiotics from something; that could help prevent a relapse.

Good luck!

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