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cetaphil spf 15

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anyone try or use the cetaphil spf 15 and experience breakouts?

I think it's what's been causing me to break out but I can't be too sure. I've been using it for over 2 years on my t zone in addition to retinoids- yet I still had minor but huge cyst breakouts every week or other week. I applied some onto the top of my lips and bam breakout about 4 days later and what made me really thinking was that i applied some onto the bridge area of my nose and cheek and bam cystic pimple 2 days later. It contains avobenzone and octocrylene and I've been using it as a night time and day time moisturizer!!! holy crap I can't believe that just occurred to me!! I guess I didn't ring a bell earlier because at times I was clear from it for a month or two, but then I would get breakouts again, but only one or two at a time. Sounds like potential irritation right?

I just switched over to cerave on my t zone, for the past week and so far no new breakouts. I've been using the cream on my dry cheeks for a very long time without any problems.

Keep in mind while using the cetaphil, I will sometimes be breakout free for up to 2 weeks and them bam a single breakout. Never more than two at a time. I also noticed that early on when i first started using retinoids, I never applied moisturizer afterwards but then after starting to use moisturizer, I started getting some minor breakouts again. I was clear for almost 6 months...

Any thoughts or experiences??

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SPF products break me out and do not agree with my skin. I just bought this not realising it was spf cetaphil. I hate it. I ordered Dan's moisturizer and will see how that works. Sigh. I have spent probably a hundred dollars on moisturizer int he past 4 months, I can't take it!

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I'm not surprised...avobenzone and the anciliary ingredients are notorious for causing outbreaks. Finding a non-comogenic spf is extremely difficult - even those advertised as such often arn't. On the brights side, looks like you have identified the cause of your acne :) As for the summer, a hat might be the best option :)

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