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Chemical peel for dark mark on my forehead..

I have a dark mark on my forehead, i have brown skin and the mark is like almost purpleishh-black, i'm not sure if it was from a trauma when i was younger or if it's a birthmark, i'm 22, when i was younger i had long hair so i must have not noticed it and also, i've been slowly balding so it's very much visible now.

I used 10% HQ cream about 1 year ago which lightened it to almost from black to a medium brown shade, but i wasn't satisfied.

I went to the doctor and she said since i am dark-skinned, laser would not be a safe option so she said a series of chemical peels should help.

The doctor applied a 45% glycolic peel on the mark and i noticed it peeled the top layer and the mark is now actually DARKER and more visible than EFORE THE PEEL. It looks like as if it reversed everything the HQ cream did and i am on square ONE! She said i'll have to come back 2-3 times (i'm going back in 3 weeks) and she'll probably use a stronger base on the next one peel..

I guess what i'm asking is if the series of glycolic peels for the dark mark, are they worth it? How many peels will i have to go back for the mark to be very minimal? After the first peel, it looks like it reversed the effects of the HQ cream, and has made the spot a lot darker and i'm just hoping the future peels will actually make it lighter than it was before the peels..

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