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All the Babes on Birth Control (LET THE POSTS ROLL IN!!!)

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Hey jessica!

I remember reading some of your posts a few months back and I actually sobbed and cried my eyes off from the hell that you went through with your switch to another birth control pill!!!

I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear that you're enjoying clear skin again! You totally deserve it!

I agree with so many things you said. I don't really wear makeup either unless necessary. I also only cleanse once a day. I've never been on the pill so I am very reluctant to go on it for aesthetic purposes. At the moment, I'm not touching it, but if my acne becomes so uncontrollable (thus ending up controlling my life), I will seriously have to have a very long thinking session to give it a chance.

mazzlet-- I remember reading your log about Diane! I was so excited to see yet another Diane success story. It seems like the success rate for Diane is 99%. I could be totally wrong. I wish that I have the same type of success as you do if I ever decide to go on the pill.

I'm so happy and kinda jealous :redface: that you're enjoying your clear skin again! Thanks for sharing a positive story with the pill!

Hey, if the pill works, just enjoy the life that you have right now. You can't dwell on the pain of having to go off it in the future. You gotta live your life now, right? =)

LadyWillow- Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with Yaz. Yaz is so extreme- people either love it or hate it. At least you're recovering now! I hope you clear up faster than the speed of light. I'm sure you will.

Thanks for all the input, ladies! Keep the posts coming in!

Oh and thanks to the troll who unabashedly posted on this topic. I hope he comes back to provide some more comic relief! Hahaha.

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My question for all the ladies on BCPs is:

1. What BCP are you on?

LoEstrin24fe, I have been for about 3 months.

2. What is your topical regimen like?

Morning: St.Ives Green Tea Cleanser and Neutrogena Visibly Even SPF 30

Night: Dove soap, Cetaphil lotion and Retin a Micro

3. How clear are you on your current BCP? (100%, 90%??)

About 95%, I just have redmarks from past acne to fade away.

4. How much do you like your BCP? Are you thinking about switching anytime soon, or are you satisfied with it?

I am satisfied with it actually. The first two months it made me break out though and turned me a little moody, but now I'm balanced out. It didn't cause me to gain any weight but increased my boobs by a cup size. My only issue with it is is that I have spotting the second week of my pack, but that has decreased with each month so far. I hope it stops within the next pack or two, if not I will have to take something with a little more estrogen.

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I've been on BCP for over 2 years and I love it !!!!!..... until last month when I had to switch!!!

I started off with Ocella--- this is the generic for Yasmin. That means it has the same active ingredients, but may have some different inactive ingredients...basically a cheap version of Yasmin. it worked great on my skin & i was relatively clear. I was on it until last month, then Ocella came out with its own generic-- Zarah. now I am on my 2nd pack of this new Zarah and I hate it!!!!! :( I've been breaking out like CRAZY on my "moustache" & chin area- which is obviously hormonal. I wish i could go back to the Ocella but now, they give out Zarah at the pharmacy because its "cheaper".

I'm going to wait 1-2 more months & see if my body will adjust to this new BCP. If my skin continues to get worse I'm gonna have to go to my doc to get a new prescription.

Anyone else having this problem please help :(

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Hi, I've been reading through this forum, decided to add my opinion, if you still wanna read it :)

1. What BCP are you on?

I was on Diane 35 from the age of 14 til January of this year (I'm 23 now). I had to change because of some extreme problems with my periods. In May of last year I started getting periods which lasted up to a month at a time, with an occasional days break here and there.

Now I am on Yaz (been on it for about 2 weeks and have experienced some horrendous break outs and to be honest, I am extremely depressed about it.) I took an 8 month course of Roaccutane at 17 and I feel as bad as I did before I started that course, so I've come here for advice about Yaz.

I miss Diane, it was such a good pill for me for 9 years. I wish my periods didn't go crazy so I didn't have to switch.

2. What is your topical regimen like?


I wash my face with the brand Thursday Plantation - acne face wash. It's got Tea Tree Oil in it and it's all natural.

Then I apply Dr Lewinns Medic - Oil Control Day Fluid.

Then I use Maybelline's Oil Free liquid foundation (its an old brand that got discontinued but I never broke out from it, thats why I stocked up when they stopped making it).


Thursday Plantation face wash (same one as above)

Then apply Dr Lewinns Oil Control Night Lotion

Then I apply Dr Lewinns Spot Clear Gel to big pimples that I have on my face.

I keep my regime short and simple as I have fair skin and over washing dries my skin.

3. How clear are you on your current BCP? (100%, 90%??)

On Diane it was 99% clear. I was happy with it til I had to switch cause of my insane periods.

With Yaz I would say I'm about 20% clear - I'm extremely depressed about it. It's only been 2 weeks too, how could it get from so good to so bad???

4. How much do you like your BCP? Are you thinking about switching anytime soon, or are you satisfied with it?

I am extremely unhappy - I want to continue, since maybe my hormones have gone a little crazy since I took Diane til January of this year, then switched to Norinyl for 2 months and now in March I've switched to Yaz. I just HOPE that itll get better or I will go insane. Diane was great, Yaz is awful so far.

Hope this has helped :)

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I found that the best bc pill for me was OrthoCyclen(not the generic version!)

I took it for four years, before I knew about the Reginem. I was maybe 80% clear, no major problems. After that, trying OrthoTri Cyclen(didnt help skin, gave me mood swings) and some generic version of THAT(totally f-ed up skin, made me a phsychotic/apathetic depressive zombei with no sex drive and gain 30 lbs. many many more I do not dare to mention)

That said, all bc pills can cause negative side effects but I noticed few with OrthoCyclen.

Right now I am taking none (cant have any more kids anyway).

I use BP and moisterizer twice a day and occasional mud mask. Thats it.

Looking back, all bc pills made me feel rather 'spacey' but OrthoCyclen was the best of the lot and for my skin as well. I just got prescribed Spiro but Ive only taken it for one day so I cant say how it works just yet.

I know you dont want to hear nutrition but for me, sugar is the devil when it comes to acne.

Forgive me for slipping that in there! lol. everyone is different. :D

That said I hope you find something that really works for you. And dont feel bad about not wanting kids ... they are not for everyone thats for sure.

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